Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Countdown is hours, now!

In less than 21 hours, four of our quilt group will be on an airplane, enroute to Tampa, via Atlanta, where we will claim an ex officio member who now lives there. We will connect with Sossity and Jan at the Tampa airport, for a week with Melanie. To score a very cheap ticket, we had to stay an extra day . . . it was a tough decision, but we decided we could do it!

Wanting to spend as much time in Tampa as possible, and in an effort to coordinate flight arrivals, we booked through Atlanta to collect Patti, and enable Jan to join us there. So, Jan booked a direct flight! We have to leave town at 3AM to get to the airport for appropriate check-ins, etc. Then, we have a 4 1/2 layover in Atlanta. Glad I've packed my knitting. I should be able to finish a sock!

The weather here has finally turned cold in Indiana, so we are very much going to appreciate our days in Tampa bay. Plans include a quilt shop hop of our own device, lunch on the bay in Dunedin, and other surprises. Since we aren't doing a shop sponsored hop, we should have much more time to relax, and enjoy other features in the area.

Jan has rented a mini-van . . . don't know if they have posted warnings of a van full of laughing women, but they probably should. A couple years ago, at dinner one evening, we got so tickled, the hostess of the restaurant came over and told us we were having entirely too much fun, and asked if she could join us!

Tonight, I'm going to actually pack my suitcase, which I have packed and repacked mentally a number of times. Since there will be 7 of us arriving, we try to keep the suitcases small, which should give us plenty of room for fabric purchases! (Like I need more fabric!)

Wanted to post before I start getting the pre-trip giggles . . . and turn absolutely worthless in terms of getting anything done. Will share lots of photos upon my return!