Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wonderful AQS weekend . . . again!

I must admit, I felt a little at loose ends without my DSIL, but those of us who were able to make the trip had a wonderful time on our Paducah adventure. Linda G. rented a full-sized van . . . rumor had it that 15 could be seated, but with luggage and purchases, and 7 of us, it seemed kind of tight coming home. Fortunately, we have some great packers in the bunch, and under seat storage was a help.

I had my camera, and I even took two pictures before something happened . . . it was tucked in my purse, and it seems as though the lens mechanism has been goofed up, perhaps from being bumped to the on position, and not having room for the lens to open inside my purse. So, not only can I not see the two pictures I did take, but I can't get the camera to turn on at all.

Everyone everywhere seemed to be very conscious of their spending. Some vendors reported shoppers looking things over and putting them back. I always have a problem with impulse buying, but even I held things more in check . . . though, I did have a slight spending spree on Saturday morning. I picked up six books at the AQS on Broadway store . . . $5 each. I've never been successful in finding six before, but scored five applique and a cross-stitch book. The AQS website indicated there would be a booth hop, but I asked at a vendor's booth, who has been a sponsor in the past, and she said they dropped it because there was so much uncertainty that there would even be a show. So, the money set aside for that became a fund for some applique patterns that I adored. I bought about ten one-yard pieces from the flat-fold tables at Hancock's . . . no yardage off bolts, and some half-priced jelly rolls. Replenished rotary cutter blades for DSIL, and learned that there was a free triangle ruler by OLFA with a $25 order. So, my blades are also replenished, and we have twin rulers now! I only bought one book . . . this is remarkable for me! It is a new Blackbird Designs book that has a wonderful Christmas quilt in it. I do admire their designs . . . just can't remember the name of the book!

One of our "playmates", Viki, is a marvelous long-arm quilter. She quilted the perfume bottles for my cousin, and has done a couple quilts for DSIL. A couple weeks ago, she asked if I would knit her some socks in exchange for having some of my quilt top stash finished on the long-arm. Boy, I jumped at the chance! I didn't tell her about the size of my backlog of finished tops; but I did confess that I would probably have to knit her 700 pair to cover what is made so far! In my handwork taken on the trip, I tucked in a ball of Opal Beach Colors, a bright yellow with orange, hot pink, lime green, and turquoise . . . she loved it, so I started knitting on the way home. We haven't really negotiated a "price" yet, but I think there should be several pairs of socks per quilt top. I've been thinking about which top should go first, but I have plenty of time to make up my mind. I'd like to have the socks done in advance, and she has a backlog of quilts from Alabama right now, as that Guild gets ready for a show in a few weeks. I'm rather thinking I should start with one of the oldest projects and come forward. So, today, at least, I think the first project should be "Chocolates in Foil", a pieced quilt that appeared in the FIRST issue of Quiltmaker! It is so old that when I started it, I was marking pieces with a template, and cutting them with scissors. I got a few blocks done, and put it in a box. Later, when I decided I could rotary cut it to finish, I mentioned to a friend that I had a "quilt in a box". Garnet said, "That's not a quilt in a box . . . that's GUILT in a box!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paducah, here we come!

An oldie but goodie . . . made these Cypress blocks years ago, and decided they needed an applique border. Nearly done with the applique, I thought I would lay them out and see how it was going to look. In my opinion, the applique nearly disappeared. On to Plan B!

Used the same image . . . a vintage embroidery test pattern, by the way . . . just enlarged it, and changed to a "Boston Commons" set. I think it's going to work much better. When I was cutting the setting squares, I had two pieces of fabric in my stash. I cut the first one, and was able to get exactly 23 squares from it. Before I started cutting the remaining necessary squares, I laid it all out one more time . . . with Plan B in place, applique on the same peach background instead of the floral, I wouldn't need as many setting squares . . . anhyone want to guess how many I needed, exactly? That's right . . . 23 . . . somebody up there looks out for me and my projects!

Time flies when you are having fun . . . my friend, Melanie will be here shortly to pick me up, and we'll be joining the other five Paducah bound travelers. I'll be back before you know it. Smaller group, but one big van full of laughing quilt makers. I know it will be great fun!
Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend . . . I know I will!