Friday, February 06, 2009

Okay, Camera . . . Come out of hiding!

It's so frustrating when one can't locate a possession. I've looked high and low for my camera, and have yet to find it. And, of course, I have lots of items to photograph and post from my visit to Miss Mary's quilting cottage.

The BOM, Somewhere in Time, is completely assembled and bordered into a quilt top. I love the way it turned out. I'm sure, if I could find the camera, you would like it, too! (You can sneak a peek during it's assembly at my friend, Laura's blog. She posted some pictures of the first evening we were at Miss Mary's. I'm on the left in the picture of four of us seated at our machines. And, my DSIL is shown at her tan Featherweight machine.)

I made all the blocks posted to date for a Pinwheel Sampler for my Granddaughter. Ditto for two grandsons with a Bear Paw Sampler for each. My cousin's Perfume Bottle blocks have all received the attic window treatment, and will be laid out on the basement floor this evening, to begin assembly. Borders will make it ready to go to my friend, Viki, a long-arm quilter. I'm determined to take the quilt to visit Diane in Atlanta on March 4.

I have completed the applique of "Here Comes" . . . for my Santa's of the World quilt . . . starting on the "S" in "Santa Claus!" I'm using double-layer lettering for it, and it really pops. It has a peppermint letter with a dark red outline to complete each letter. I've also done a bit more of the embroidery of the names and countries of origin of the Santa blocks for that quilt. That's real close to completion, too.

My participation in Scratching Post and Quiltville chats have made me aware of several new BOM's being launched on various websites. Of course, I've passed these along to my quilting pals . . . I think they concur with my DSIL, constantly warning me that I'm out of control . . . the comment I got when I noted yet another BOM was, "Step away from the BOM's"!

It all goes to point out the accuracy in a new acronym of which I recently became aware: SABLE . . . sewing projects above and beyond life expectancy. I think I can live up to that!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Environment or genetic inheritance?

Had my 8-year-old grandson, Drew, on Saturday. We usually run errands, and play. He's very into Pokemon cards at the present, so our errands usually include a store where those cards are available. This Saturday's run included Target and Wal-Mart . . . I wanted to go on to Staples, but he was anxious to get back to my house to get his Pokemon cards organized. Grandpa gave him some plastic pages to hold his cards, and he likes for me to set up a tv tray and he sits down and spreads the cards all out, then places them in alphabetical order. My husband and I have reputations as being very organized, so we have taken credit for this trait in Drew. It certainly is funny to see this type of habit pop up in the someone so young.

Another purchase on Saturday was a bean-bag video chair. He just went ga-ga when he saw them, and asked if we could get one. I told him it could be an early birthday present, since it's just about four weeks until his birthday. Yesterday, my son called for some cooking advice, and I asked how Drew was. He had gone to spend the previous night with a cousin, and insisted on taking his video chair!

I try never to turn him down when he calls and wants to play. I know this time is short-lived, and soon, he won't find going on errands with his grandmother to be such a great idea. A couple years ago, I went over one morning when both his parents had to work. When he got up, I asked him if he would like to go to the local science and technology museum for children, Imagination Station. He said yes, and asked if he could invite a buddy. I agreed, so instead of going to the phone, he looked out the front door. Two boys were peddling by on their bikes, and he yelled, "Hey, guys . . . want to go have fun with my Nan?" Not a single detail more was given, but they both yelled, "Yes!", and peddled off to ask permission. It just cracked me up. About half an hour later, we were loaded up in my van, and off we went to Imagination Station, and of course, that favored dining spot, McDonald's.

These little jaunts with a car full of boys are so much fun. And, it's gratifying that Drew is so proud of me . . . someone will ask a question, and I try to give an answer or a promise to look it up. On one occasion, Drew announced, "My Nan knows how everything works!" Boy, have I got him fooled.

A couple weeks ago, we made a visit to Hobby Lobby. I needed a red for grandson, Addison's quilt to commemorate his performance in an opera last fall, Noah's Flood. Usually, while I'm looking at the various fabrics, Drew likes to push the cart up and down the fabric aisles. He came steaming around the corner and announced, "Look what I found, Nan". We have had some yardage in orange laid aside to make Drew a quilt, and sure enough, he had found a puzzle fabric that would be a perfect complement to the orange. So, I started making both Drew and Addison a quilt based on the Bear Paw Sampler blocks at Sindy Rodenmayer's Fat Cat Patterns. I had the first six blocks cut for each boy, and worked on assembly at Miss Mary's. I used a royal blue background with Drew's orange and puzzle fabric, and the blocks are very striking. New block for February has been posted, so getting back to those will soon be on the agenda. (By the way, Sindy has just posted a stunning new applique BOM called, "Baltimore Bliss". Wonder when I can try to fit that one into my agenda?)

Haven't sewn much since I came home from Miss Mary's. I signed up for two fabric swaps . . . neutrals in one, and civil war neutrals and shirtings in another, so cutting strips has been a priority. Just two pieces of fabric left to cut, but they needed a little pressing, before cutting. Also, participating in a Valentine's swap from Pat Sloan's yahoo group. I embellished a tea towel with hearts, and am about to finish a pin-cushion using an antique heart-shaped jell-o mold. I used Sandy Gervais' Candy Kisses fabrics, and they are really cute. Other "treasures" are some valentine candies, a valentine journal and note paper, a little red-work kit with cupid's arrow, and a tiny little flower-pot with seeds to launch a spring garden! Pictures will be posted later today!