Friday, October 30, 2009

Where does the time go?

As usual, I'm astounded at how long it has been since I posted last. Actually, I started to post, and paused to include some pictures . . . then forgot to photograph the NICU quilt top I made before giving it away. It was a variable star in purples with a rose bud applique over one block, in memory of my dear friend, Roseanna. We're all still reeling from the loss. Marguerite mentioned a little project for us for the Christmas season; she suggested we all hunt for a Christmas ornament that reminds us of Roseanna, to be placed on a wreath for her grave marker every Christmas. I suspect it will have lots of purple flowers, and some hummingbirds. One of her long-time projects has been a pattern by Patricia Cox, with hummingbirds and flowers. All the blocks are made and ready to assemble, so that will probably be one of our first projects to finish for her brothers. We volunteered to complete her quilts in progress, and Viki has offered to quilt them on her long-arm.

Roseanna's brothers asked if we would come out to the house and clear out her sewing room. Also, just come out some evenings and sew as we did when Roseanna was still with us. We said we would be happy to do that, and I suggested we could bring dessert. The "boys" were insistent that they would make dessert for us. We've all been talking about the task of her sewing room. We don't want to descend like locusts anxious to grab it all. Discussion has centered on each of us having a keepsake, and using the fabrics to make NICU quilts. Another suggestion was auction her books at a Guild meeting once evening, with the proceeds going to the Guild, as that has been a wish of the boys, too.

As far as own projects go, I just have four applique blocks to complete from my Lori Smith "Ode to the 30's". I finished the piecing last weekend, while my grandson played with his X-Box 360. Through the week, I made flying geese blocks for the border of my Bonnie Hunter "Old Tobacco Road" mystery. Next up is a quilt for my granddaughter, with Pinwheel Sampler blocks from Sindy Rodenmayer's Fat Cat Patterns. I pulled out an old QNM pattern called, "Victorian Medley" from Leman Publishing that I have had for years, to make a center applique medallion. Blocks chosen are a glove, a flowered hat, high button shoe, and parasol.

I also have blocks cut for two grandsons using Sindy's Bear Paw Sampler blocks. Addison's will have some applique jungle animals, again from Fat Cat Patterns, as a center applique to commemorate his performance in an opera, Noah's Flood. I haven't made a choice of the applique for Drew's quilt, but am considering something with planets. He's very interested in science.

On the knitting needles, I have cast on the second sock in a pair from Cookie A's Book Innovative Socks, for Viki. I have some Regia Silk (a merino wool, silk, nylon blend) to be made into a pair of Cookie's Monkey pattern which will be my knitting project on the upcoming Florida trip with Melanie, Marguerite and Patti. (Only 12 days to wait!) Will probably take some applique, too.

To top it all off, I have been on a reading binge, too. I really need to thin down the ranks of books I want to read. Read two last weekend, and I'm nearly done with another. Working interferes with my play time . . . but it also funds it . . . a conundrum if ever I've seen one.

Tomorrow, several of us are getting together again to make NICU quilts in memory of Roseanna. Her quilts will be featured at our Guild Show in the spring, with a special exhibit of all the NICU quilts made to honor her memory. Have to get my toys packed up for sewing at Mary J's tomorrow!