Friday, February 06, 2009

Okay, Camera . . . Come out of hiding!

It's so frustrating when one can't locate a possession. I've looked high and low for my camera, and have yet to find it. And, of course, I have lots of items to photograph and post from my visit to Miss Mary's quilting cottage.

The BOM, Somewhere in Time, is completely assembled and bordered into a quilt top. I love the way it turned out. I'm sure, if I could find the camera, you would like it, too! (You can sneak a peek during it's assembly at my friend, Laura's blog. She posted some pictures of the first evening we were at Miss Mary's. I'm on the left in the picture of four of us seated at our machines. And, my DSIL is shown at her tan Featherweight machine.)

I made all the blocks posted to date for a Pinwheel Sampler for my Granddaughter. Ditto for two grandsons with a Bear Paw Sampler for each. My cousin's Perfume Bottle blocks have all received the attic window treatment, and will be laid out on the basement floor this evening, to begin assembly. Borders will make it ready to go to my friend, Viki, a long-arm quilter. I'm determined to take the quilt to visit Diane in Atlanta on March 4.

I have completed the applique of "Here Comes" . . . for my Santa's of the World quilt . . . starting on the "S" in "Santa Claus!" I'm using double-layer lettering for it, and it really pops. It has a peppermint letter with a dark red outline to complete each letter. I've also done a bit more of the embroidery of the names and countries of origin of the Santa blocks for that quilt. That's real close to completion, too.

My participation in Scratching Post and Quiltville chats have made me aware of several new BOM's being launched on various websites. Of course, I've passed these along to my quilting pals . . . I think they concur with my DSIL, constantly warning me that I'm out of control . . . the comment I got when I noted yet another BOM was, "Step away from the BOM's"!

It all goes to point out the accuracy in a new acronym of which I recently became aware: SABLE . . . sewing projects above and beyond life expectancy. I think I can live up to that!


Quilts And Pieces said...

So what in the world happened to that camera! You are making good progress!!!

Jan said...

I don't remember packing it up, so you probably put it in one of your bins. It will show up at the most unexpected time. Yes, you were "Out of control" on the BOM. Giving up on big projects when I get DD done and working on small stuff for awhile. I say that knowing Bonnie will come up with something new pretty soon and my resolution will fail me. Your DSIL