Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paducah, here we come!

An oldie but goodie . . . made these Cypress blocks years ago, and decided they needed an applique border. Nearly done with the applique, I thought I would lay them out and see how it was going to look. In my opinion, the applique nearly disappeared. On to Plan B!

Used the same image . . . a vintage embroidery test pattern, by the way . . . just enlarged it, and changed to a "Boston Commons" set. I think it's going to work much better. When I was cutting the setting squares, I had two pieces of fabric in my stash. I cut the first one, and was able to get exactly 23 squares from it. Before I started cutting the remaining necessary squares, I laid it all out one more time . . . with Plan B in place, applique on the same peach background instead of the floral, I wouldn't need as many setting squares . . . anhyone want to guess how many I needed, exactly? That's right . . . 23 . . . somebody up there looks out for me and my projects!

Time flies when you are having fun . . . my friend, Melanie will be here shortly to pick me up, and we'll be joining the other five Paducah bound travelers. I'll be back before you know it. Smaller group, but one big van full of laughing quilt makers. I know it will be great fun!
Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend . . . I know I will!

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Jan said...

Love the morning glory flowers. How did you do the centers of those? You still amaze me, as always.