Thursday, March 01, 2007

More auction scores

Winter is when my DH disappears to the basement to work on his refinishing projects. Some are sewing boxes that I’ve collected at auction, and sometimes he has a table or chair that he acquired at an auction. Last fall, he bought a game table because it had interesting carved legs. He doesn’t like me to come down and peek at his projects while in progress. He gets a big kick out of bringing the treasure up when its complete. As he was working on this table, we happened to catch an episode of Antiques Roadshow which featured a similar game table. It was reported that this particular style, with a leaf folded in half on top, that one rotates 90 degrees and flips open to create the full table, was popular in the late 1800’s. As with other projects which he has refinished, or touched up, this one is stunning. When I saw it, I had to quickly rearrange furniture in the living room to keep it from going out of the house.

The picture shows a couple other sewing boxes subject to his magic touch. The curved side model on top of the table is from the 1920’s, and is one of the many styles which were given as premiums with the purchase of furniture or appliances. On the floor is an interesting roll-top version, as well as a maple sugar bucket style. The décor is completed by the old crock, which I think looks enchanting with yarn spilling from the top. Actually, I have yarn spilling all around the room, since I have been on my knitting frenzy!

March is trying to keep us guessing whether it will come in like a lion or lamb. It’s been gloomy and rainy all day, but we are under a tornado watch. Yesterday, I was going to run a sewing machine Sink’s Sew and Vac, and pick up another that I had serviced, but when I got just outside the edge of town, sleet, freezing rain and snowflakes the size of a silver dollar were all hitting at once. I got less than halfway there, and decided when visibility was about one-quarter mile, that it would wait for another day. By the time I got back into town, my wipers had a coat of ice on them, but the precipitation had changed to rain.

I think this is going to be a nice evening to kick back in the recliner and tend to my knitting!


Lucy said...

What a great scores Linda! when I was in America I saw in antique stores teh most wonderful baskets, old baskets. It is a pity that I was not able to fit them in my suitcase....

Dawn said...

Oh it is beautiful Linda! Yes he did work his magic!

Sweet P said...

Beautiful sewing boxes! I agree with Dawn - your DH does work magic!

anne bebbington said...

Lovely table Linda - a very clever man - obviously as much a treasure as the objects he restores

Tazzie said...

Ohhh, your sewing baskets are just darling. I love them!