Sunday, June 17, 2007

Auction Surprises!

Where does the time go? I guess I've been busy! DH has worked at several auctions lately, and brought home a very interesting find from a Friday auction that I missed while I was working. It's an 1886 Singer sewing machine. Note that it is operated by use of the thumb wheel on the lower right of the machine, which is connected to a pushrod at the back. The presser foot lever is at the top left of the machine. It is dated 1886 on the platform surface, and most of the paint is still intact, but the "S" in Singer has flaked away. Guess I really just have an "inger", but it does still have its' medallion on the base of the machine. It's cast iron, and just a little cutie. I'm delighted to have it.

Went to Columbus, Ohio, to the National Quilt Association show last weekend with my friends, Marguerite and Roseanna. Marguerite had two quilts in the exhibit. The first is her "Katrina Chaos", an abstract composition quilted with the stories of the storm in New Orleans, and details of the aftermath. Since it is difficult to read on the busy quilt surface, she has a label on the back with the text repeated.

The other quilt that Marguerite displayed was my favorite, Clean Run, representing her pet's participation in Agility training. She reports that Sparkle doesn't do as well in the event as represented by the quilt, but I think it's just such a happy quilt.
We made a leisurely trip to Columbus, stopping in four quilt shops, and The Container Store. That evening, we lounged around the pool at the hotel for a bit, reading and knitting. Then we went into Worthington for Graeter's ice cream. It was a beautiful evening.
The next morning, we hit the ground running for the quilt show. Lucky me . . . there was a knitting event at the same convention center. I managed to acquire some fabrics, AND some yarns for my sock frenzy. Bought the quilt book, "Home Sweet Home" by Blackbird Designs. The quilt with the houses appealed to me more than many house quilts I have seen, because each "lawn" had some applique. I am definitely addicted to applique.
On the knitting front, I got some Tofutsies yarn, made with Chitin, a fiber generated from crab and shrimp shells. Also got a skein with Bamboo, and a Panda Cotton with elastic. None are available locally, so I will enjoy the opportunity to knit with those.
"Plowed" my studio yesterday. Still have some tidying up to do, but my sewing machine has more than just a path to it, so I'm anxious to do some piecing. I have some applique to do for our Guild's raffle quilt, but need to pick up some template plastic before I can proceed on that one.
My grandson spent the night with us, and we went out to breakfast. He's lots of fun! I think we'll go to the quilt shop to get my supplies, and I will be ready to do my duty on the Guild raffle quilt this evening.


sossy said...

Love the little "inger". It is adorable. How many machines do you have now? Sounds like you had a great trip. I just love having good quilting friends. Some day I am going to come see your sewing area to see where you creat your masterpieces.

Dawn said...

Oh what a treasure! Look at the painting/decal work on the side! What a wonderfully cool surprise!

Sounds like you had a good time at the show. Felicity is getting a good workout here in DE.

atet said...

What a lovely little "inger" glad to see you've been busy and thank you for the lovely quilt pictures!

anne bebbington said...

What a treasure that sweet little sewing machine is - well done to your husband for bringing it home for you