Monday, September 22, 2008

Time flies!

Sometimes, the time can really get away from you. I can't believe its been three weeks since I posted, and that our Guild Retreat was over two weeks ago. We had a great time, with the usual cast of characters, plus a few more for good measure. One of our special opportunities was having your picture taken with a former President. Here Brenda and Gabriella make the most of the photo op. We borrowed Mr. Lincoln from his usual post in the window at the Republican headquarters, and he seemed to enjoy the break in his normal routine. Not only was he in the dining room for dinner the first evening, but he attended our pattern presentations, and I'm certain he was happy to see his block, "Lincoln's Platform" included in the mix.

To Abe's left, you will notice a Blue Star Mother banner. Ruthie told us about the organization, of which she is a member, and displayed her banner for us.

Everyone broke out their patriotic wear, but none could compare with Marguerite who claims to have the world's largest collection of tacky hair-wear . . .. or is it hair-ware? This charming ensemble was topped with a flickering star in the middle of her tiara, and I can't believe I was lucky enough to snap it in full "bloom". I had a deely-bobber on my head, too, but it was not nearly as memorable as this one.

Since I had been preparing for the Retreat for almost a year, I was ready to move onto projects other than red, white, and blue. I started the wonderful mystery quilt, which Laura and Dawn
prepared for us. There was a bit of whining about the high number of half-square triangles, but everyone was pleased with the results. You can see my DSIL's at her blog.
I did quite a bit of piecing, assembling all my pre-cut blocks from the AQS Booth Hop in Paducah this year. I'm planning to do a center applique medallion, and vine on the borders. Now that the blocks are all assembled, I have some decisions to make on the applique.
My dear cousin, Diane, was in Indiana for a visit in May. I suggested she look through the perfume bottle blocks already assembled, and promised to make her a quilt with them. She was afraid she would choose my favorites, but I said, "If you take one of my favorites, I'll just make another one!" I kept thinking in terms of just a sash and cornerstone setting, but I woke up in the night thinking of an attic window set with gilded fabrics, to carry out the theme of the many perfume bottle blocks. So, I began to dabble with that concept, and I'm very happy with it. I think the whole quilt, which will have 120 blocks, will be very elegant. I have continued to pick up gilded fabrics, and stuff them in the box for future use. Just before Camp, I cut those to be ready to sew, and believe it or not, had exactly 100 new combinations to assemble. I've only put together about 70 of those, and need to cut the background pieces to finish the last 30 blocks. A silly thing I have found myself doing as I sew the blocks together is to try to think of a perfume name as inspired by the fabrics. It can be quite entertaining.
Another project which got some attention is "Sweet Tea", a pattern by The Quilt Company. I have all the tea pot blocks assembled, and made piping to use in the frames for those. It calls for a pieced twisted ribbon border, with little tea cups place at even intervals along the ribbon. All the piecing is complete for the twisted ribbon, and I'm half done with the hand-work of sewing down the tea cup handle. They go pretty quickly, so I'll be ready to assemble that whole thing in fairly short order.
Friday, a couple other quilters and I will pack up for Nashville, Tennessee, to attend the wedding of another friend's daughter. We're making an adventure of it, and our plans include dinner at The Bluebird Cafe, and a tour of a popsicle factory. Of course, any quilt shops along the way are fair game, too!
I hear my recliner calling me, and I'll layer up some more attic windows to get them ready to sew. It's always nice to be re-energized about an older project.

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