Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Grief! Almost two months . . .

. . since I last posted. Well, I have been busy! Mostly, I was getting ready to go to Retreat. I sort of have double duty because I am the program chair for the Retreat. And, my DSIL flies in from Texas, so I make sure her sewing machine and tools here are ready to go to Camp. This year, Dawn brought her friend, Joan, and came to my house the night before we went to Camp. We had a great dinner at The Smokehouse, and then Jan was delivered from the Indianapolis Airport by Marguerite. DH thought he was in a sorority house!

The next morning, we got going and loaded up the cars, and made a side trip to Rossville Quilts on the way to Camp Tecumseh, where we all acquired something we couldn't possibly live without.

In the weeks before Camp, since Ruthie took care of most of the hand-out work at her job . . . boy, I can't thank her enough . . . I almost didn't know what to do with myself. Usually, I'm making copies, and sitting down in front of the idiot box, punching holes and collating. I had just a few pages that I added, and those went very quickly. I managed to fill up my time by cutting lots of things, so they would be ready to sew at Camp. The inventory looked something like this:
1) Remaining blocks for grand-daughters Pinwheel Quilt, as well as applique blocks for center medallion.
2) Remaining blocks for two grandson's Bear Paw Samplers. Found an applique of a giraffe that I can add to one of these quilts for my grandson's performance in the Opera, Noah's Flood.
3) All the pieced blocks and applique blocks for Ode to the 1930's, a BOM that I purchased all at once . . . just adore it!
4) Christmas quilt by Anita Shackelford that appeared in Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting; cut all the pieced blocks, templates for applique, and all the applique pieces.
5) Bonnie Hunter's mystery, Double Delight . . . it's all cut, so I used some of it as leaders/enders as I sewed.
6) Beach umbrellas for my Florida sunglass quilt. The sunglass blocks were my own design based on a notepad I found in the shape of sunglasses. I used conversation prints in the lenses to commemorate one of my fun trips to Tierra Verde with my quilting friends. I pieced the umbrellas as leaders/enders, too. They are fun to do; it's basically a kaleidoscope block, and all the umbrellas are cut from bright striped fabrics.
7) My applique box had three or four blocks in it to work on, too.
I should have done what another friend did . . . signed up for the week-long Camp Tecumseh Retreat that followed our Guild Retreat, and kept sewing for another week. I think I might have had enough projects to carry me through . . . obviously, I couldn't possibly have made all those things in three days! However, they are all nicely organized, and I can follow through at home on lunch hours, and evenings, and one of these days, I'll have more quilt tops ready!
Overly-enthusiastic, under-achiever had a great time being with old friends, and making a few new ones, too!


Jan said...

We did have a great time. Glad I had the extra day before flying home. Why do we always think we are going to get so much accomplished? Optimistic!!!!

Quilts And Pieces said...

And yes - we did have a great time! And I"m ready to do it again!