Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still on target . . . sort of!

I've been making my planned pillowcases as gifts. Last Saturday, my grandson, Drew, helped me pick out a few more fabrics. Made one last night, and hopefully, Saturday will provide me with an adequate block of time to make a few more. If not, I'll just put my Featherweight in the car, and sew in the motel room on the way to Virginia. Driving time is reserved for knitting.

As is usual, with my quilting friends, our focus isn't on the approaching holidays, but on our planned retreat at Miss Mary's Quilting Cottage, at the end of January. I think I could easily gather at least 142 projects to work on that weekend . . . culling it down to a smaller number, but none the less, unreasonable quantities for the time available to us!

It's going to be very different without our dear friend, Roseanna, this year. She kept us all straight, and organized. She was younger than I, but still acted the part of our "group mom". Maybe we'll ask her brothers to come join us for lunch one day. We'll have to re-organize our usual menu; Roseanna always made her wonderful chicken rice soup. I think all of us will have trouble sitting any place but our usual spots, probably leaving her sewing station open. She will be with us in our hearts.

I've been collecting the clues for Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery, "Carolina Christmas". I peeked at Clue #6 this morning, and I'm in love. The quilt is stunning; might have to gather my fabrics, so I can sew on that one at Miss Mary's. I've got to put the borders on a previous mystery, Old Tobacco Roads, which I loved, as well; and I have Double Delight completely cut and ready to sew.

One thing I have learned in recent years is that preparing a project by getting as much cutting done in advance frees up lots of sewing time. One can really make a lot of progress when it's all ready to sew. Pre-cut projects in the "on-deck circle" are an Anita Shackelford Christmas quilt which appeared in Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting. I have blocks to finish for two of my grandsons, and blocks to re-cut for a quilt for my grand-daughter. As I mentioned previously, I started cutting some applique to be assembled with those blocks, and the blocks are too bold for the applique. Also, I found some fabrics that I think are better suited. Will probably put the blocks already assembled together for a NICU quilt. They will be darling for a little baby girl quilt, just not compatible with my applique work for Lisey.

My friend, Viki, quilted the Halloween quilt which was project with my grandson, Ben. He's going to be over the moon for it. A couple of the fabrics have glow-in-the-dark eyes. If he follows his brother's example, from a few years ago, he will be hauling people into the bathroom to turn out the lights, and see his quilt glow. It's just a simple quilt; some ten-inch squares of Halloween fabric surrounding a Halloween panel. But, I told him that I was having trouble figuring out the best way to put it together, and he just took the blocks and dealt them out on the floor, looked at them, rearranged them a bit and said it was done. I sewed it together in my motel room that night, and the next day, he had to take the top, and "try it on" laying down on the couch. He pronounced that it would fit, and it will be going back to Virginia with me. Viki did a great job, as usual, quilting it all over with spider-webs in orange thread. It's just adorable.

Time for a lunch break, and some knitting. I was to the toe on the second sock for Viki's current pair, when I realized I had way too many stitches. Had to rip it back to the finish of the heel gusset, and work down a few more stitches. I'm anxious to cast on my first pair of Socks for Soldiers, but won't until I get this pair complete!

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Jan said...

Sorry you didn't get to make your trip. Guess the pillowcases will save for another year. Merry Christmas. We had snow today (Christmas eve)but it didn't stick. Just glad to actually see snow.