Tuesday, February 09, 2010

UFO's becoming finished objects!

I launched the new year with the completion of two quilt tops . . . applied the borders to my Old Tobacco Roads, a 2008 mystery from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site. Also put the borders on an old Block of the Month, Sweet Tea.

We had our annual Retreat at Miss Mary's Quilting Cottage, and I assembled my Santas of the World, including borders, and worked on my previously cut Double Delight . . . still lots of work to go on that one.

Over the weekend, I assembled Ode to the 1930's, a kit I purchased from Stitchin' Heaven in Quitman, Texas. The pattern by Lori Smith, had been a block of the month for them the year before. I started the blocks at the Guild Retreat in September. I finished all the pieced blocks in the interim, and then all the applique blocks. It has a "cottage" setting, with blocks in four sizes, 3-inch, 6-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch. It was time-consuming to assemble, but once that was done, the borders went on quickly. I have to highly recommend Stitchin' Heaven. The kits were so well done, and easy to follow. Each month's blocks came with a color chart indicating which fabric was to be used in each block. As I progressed, I put stickers on the overall design chart.

So, here it is, February 9, and I have four finished quilt tops! Big ones, too! Last night, I kind of looked around at some of my other projects to decide what to work on next. I have a complete set of blocks from the first Paducah Booth Hop, and had made an appliqued center for it. I was fiddling around trying to decide if I should try to find more of the fabrics, and make it larger. I laid it out on the floor with the blocks just abutting the applique center; I've decided to cut to the chase, and put it together as it is, with a plain and then a pieced border. It will be a nice cuddle quilt size, and with the snow coming all day today, that sounds very appealing.

I also looked over an Illiana Quilt Shop Hop kit where I have all the blocks assembled. I designed a Mariner's Compass to be part of that quilt, and just need to get busy and piece it. Have plenty of fabrics, so I need to pay some more attention to that one.

I've been in a bit of a knitting frenzy, too. Just keep looking at sock yarn sales, like I need to accumulate any more of that . . . currently OTN are a pair of olive drab Socks for Soldiers . . . i'm knitting those two at a time, and it seems to go more slowly that way. The yarn is Regia Stretch, and the pattern is a classic knit 2, purl 2. I'm really liking the texture of the knit. Also, working on a pair of Jaywalkers for my friend, the long-arm quilter, Viki. The yarn is On-line Savanne, and boy, are they bright. The zig-zags of the pattern really show off the yarn well. Viki has posted a picture of the pair I just finished for her . . . that I forgot to photograph for my sock journal, so her blog-post has been substituted.

I'm also working on a pair of "Sam" from Cookie A's book, "Innovative Sock Knitting" for Viki with a light blue and gray, with a metallic thread. That pattern requires a lot of attention. The other evening as I was working on them, DH asked if I was all right. I said, sure, why wouldn't I be? And he said I was counting out loud . . . so, obviously, I was really into what I was doing. I hate to frog socks or most any knitting, for that matter.

I'm off to set up my featherweight in front of the television, and put that Booth Hop quilt together. Then, I can have FIVE quilt tops to take to the next Guild Show and Tell!


Ruthie said...

WOW, you sure have been busy. Maybe if we get snowed in tonight, I can get some sewing done tomorrow.

Jan said...

WOW! I'm impressed. Can't wait to see all those quilts finished. Now, about the socks. Haven't tackled the sock project since I left. So screwed up now, thinking of taking them apart and starting over, but afraid to without you there to get me out of trouble.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I can't wait to see the 30's one finished! It was SO NICE to visit and see you again! Say hi to Norm for me!