Friday, May 26, 2006

Daylight "Savings" hasn't helped.

After it was voted out more than 30 years, Indiana has once again joined the Daylight Savings movement, kicking and screaming all the way. The promoters made many promises in favor of the change. Two strike me as particularly ridiculous:
1) Adding another hour of daylight. Not really, just pushing it to another place on the clock.
2) Reduces crime: If that is true, let's move the clock back enough hours to eliminate crime all together.

One thing for sure . . . there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish as much on my quilts as I would like. A block of time never stretches quite as far as one would like, and worst of all, I always manage to underestimate the quantity of time required for any effort. Last night, I sat down at my little antique sewing table to listen (with an occasional glance) to television as I cut fabrics for perfume bottle blocks. I cut 25 "bottles, bottle-necks and stoppers" before I was worn out. There must be 40 fabric combinations still waiting for attention. Fortunately, they stitch together rather quickly, and they are so cute! I suppose that is what makes them so addictive. The pattern came from a BOM at about six years ago. It was designed by Debbie Kauffunger in a larger scale. These blocks finish at 6 inches, which is a nice size for working with scraps.

My sister-in-law, Jan, was looking something to use her Benartex squares from several years accumulation in Mr. B's Fabric club. She used a limited palette of yellows and blues, with a small rescale of the bottle portion of the block to make use of those 4" squares. So, we will both have a Perfume Bottle quilt, but its always amazing to see how differently fabric choices impact a design.

True confessions: I started making more little basket blocks, too, using only Christmas fabrics. And, it even crossed my mind to make some using prints with sewing items . . . you know . . . sewing baskets! I think I'll try to train myself not to worry about UFO's . . . it seems my practice would indicate that one can never have too many!


anne bebbington said...

No such thing as UFO's they're just all work in progress - don't worry just stitch - they'll all come together in the end :o)

Laura said...

Daylight savings time has actually cut into my sewing time. I was always an early riser. My body can't seem to make the switch and now I am sleeping in an hour later.

Dawn said...

What are you going to do with all those perfume bottles! They are cute!

I personally love daylight savings time - I sew at night, so I do get more done! But I would vote for daylight savings time all year round!

Rae said...

Hi Linda
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I like your quilt. Yes we can stuble along together.

Someone left a comment to me that I should have the word varifier on to stop spamers. I am working on that tonight. So I am passing it on to you, as we learn together.

I look forward to more cross comments.