Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jumping in with both feet.

I never really thought I might become a blogger, but I stumbled upon the blog of a dear friend in my quilt group, and so enjoyed reading her comments. Laura is so humble and modest, she never really reveals all the wonderful things she does. I wanted to post a comment about her, so here I am!

Laura has mentioned the fun our quilt Lafayette, Indiana quilt group has. They are a wonderful group of gals. We all work together on the annual Guild retreat. I usually name a theme, and round up patterns, etc. Then, we all brainstorm to flesh the ideas out. Occasionally, I will launch an e-mail with some idea that popped into my head, and at first, the others will say, "You're out of control!" But, Laura is always ready to take the idea and run . . . laughing all the way, while she throws gasoline on the flames. I admit to testing ideas on her first, in case they have gone too far afield.

I mentioned my quiltmaking. Present project is to finish a quilt with alphabet blocks colored by the kindergarten class of my grandson, Drew. I have to finish it by next Wednesday morning.
It's all layered up and I will machine quilt the grid, but hand quilt the alphabet letters. This is a fun thing to do with ones grandchildren. This is my third one . . . just one to go, with Ben, who is now 3. I'm anxious to get this one done, so I can work on the other UFO's in my stash . . . which I was foolish enough to list in a journal recently. I'd rather tell my age than how many quilt tops I have going, trying to get them into my quilt top collection.


Laura said...

Woo Hoo Linda!!! So glad you joined blogging, you will have so much fun with it!

Dawn said...

Ahhhh - so this is the famous Alphabet quilt I heard about! It is so cute! I can't believe you have to hand quilt the letters yet by next Wed! Your crazy!

Lily said...

Hey Linda. You'll get lots of drop-ins to your blog now that Laura's outed you!!

Love the alphabet quilt! What a great idea :) I have twin nephews whose birthday is in September and I am searching for ideas. I want to make them the same quilt but in different colours. This could be possibility!

Tonya R said...

Welcome to bloggerland!

Shelina said...

Linda, I have been going backwards reading all your posts. Thanks for posting it. It is nice to see that you have lots of unfinished quilt projects, as I do, and your mind is churning faster than your hands can churn out those quilts. I like going to auctions too, got lots of good deals a few years ago, but stopped going when I tried to reduce stuff in my house. I miss it so.

I have an idea for your snowbound retreat. How about having a class where you have to use only the fabrics that are in the room. I guess you can ask people for scraps, (as much as you can jam in a paper lunch bag?) but once in the room, they can't go out for more. You could donate the quilt to charity, if you only make one, or you could share each other's scraps and everybody can get one, depending on how many scraps you have.