Monday, July 03, 2006

Am I blue?

The Goose in the Pond quilt I saw at auction on Saturday is haunting me. I've been telling myself I don't need another blue and white quilt top in my "quilt top collection." (There doesn't have to be any guilt because its not quilted, if it is part of a quilt top collection.) I am particularly fond of two color quilts, especially when they have lots of variety within the two colors. In sorting through my scraps, its heavy in reds and blues, accounted for by the Cake Stand and Ocean Wave quilt tops. Greens are overflowing their drawer, but inspiration for a Tree of Life has not yet struck. There is a tidy little box of Christmas greens intended for an Ocean Wave variation with red pinwheels at the intersections . . . Peppermint Pinwheel. That's another "leaders and enders" possibility.

I failed to mention in my post including the picture of the Star quilt that several of the blocks were found at Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache website ( They were perfect to illustrate how changing one element can change the look of the same block. Her website is always inspiring.

Last night, I laid out all my little Christmas basket blocks, in anticipation of setting them together. They are just so cute, it's hard not to go to the machine and start making more.

For a couple years, I have been planning to make Linda Franz's Quilted Diamonds. I even selected the fabrics in Paducah two years ago. Part of the delay was promising myself I wouldn't start until my Dear Jane top was completely assembled. I used the Dear Jane software to generate freezer paper patterns, and hand-pieced all the outside triangle blocks. I enjoyed it so much, that I thought I could do the same with Quilted Diamonds, since I have the software for those as well. Saturday, while at the auction, I finished some other handwork, and had the pieces for the first block in my kit. So, naturally, I couldn't just sit there when I wasn't bidding . . . so I started to assemble it. I've just got six more pieces to put together, and it looks lovely. With a little trip to Virginia to see my son in the planning, I think I'd better assemble a few more kits for the road trip!

My job interferes with my chosen lifestyle, which would be to sew all day, evening, and into the night!


Judy said...

I saw you link on Dawn's blog (quilts and pieces) and WOW!! Glad I clicked over and looked around!! You make wonderful quilts!

Love all the scrap quilts and the nosegays look very promising. I'll definitely be coming back!

Shelina said...

I like the idea of a quilt top collection. It would save lots of space. Sort of like when they sell pillow covers, and make you insert the pillow yourself. Works for me - I have quite a quilt top collection myself.

Laura said...

Linda your ocean waves quilt has always been my favorite of yours. I can remember the first time I saw it. We were at an ISQG retreat (possibly Turkey Run) and I thought you must be the most talented quilter I had ever met. Of course all these years later we know that to be fact!

Dawn said...

Man oh man! What great quilts! It has been a bit since I've been over to visit. Darn those jobs......