Monday, July 10, 2006

Not the result I was looking for!

I just can't stay away from my little two-inch squares for the Kissing Cousins quilt top. Sunday, I set up a Featherweight in the living room to sew while watching an old Columbo movie. I think I buzzed through about 3/4ths of the stacks into pairs, through a Matlock movie, time out for dinner, and through a Mystery Woman. Then, there were back to back Diagnosis Murder . . . loved Dick Van Dyke, but that series just stinks. (I think he did that series just so his son could work as an actor. It makes Murder She Wrote look like Academy Award material.) Unfortunately, it seemed to be the best thing on, so I just kept chugging away at my squares. By the time my Guild Retreat comes up, I might be ready to assemble the whole top.

In the meantime, I've been looking through other scrap quilt books in my library for more inspiration. Nancy Martin had one that came out last year, "A Treasury of Scrap Quilts". On the cover is a red and white Kansas Troubles. There are 18 projects in the book, and I'm only enthralled by 10 of them. I know, of course, that making lots of scrap quilts doesn't necessarily diminish one's scraps. I learned this from my first scrap quilt class. I went to the class confident that I would use up my three boxes of scraps. By the time the class was over a month later, I had about half a dozen quilt tops, and five boxes of scraps!


Shelina said...

My, you've been busy.
I'm nursing allergies today, and doing absolutely nothing.
I think making scrap quilts make you more willing to buy fabric that will work in them. And since you don't measure the exact amount of fabric you need, I always buy much more than I need.

Dawn said...

You crack me up!