Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Count Down is in Single Digits!

Gee Whiz . . . the blog ate my "homework". I was just ready to post, picture and all, and it vanished into cyberspace. Guess I'll have to try it again! Before I was so rudely interrupted, I had commented that the picture is something unusual . . . a finished quilt which I plan to take to our Retreat as a sample to inspire participants. This one happens to be the very first quilt that graced my quilt frame.

Retreat commences just one week from tomorrow, and I'm wound up tighter than a $2 watch, as my mother used to say. I can't decide if I should panic over little things that need to be completed, or jump and scream with excitement that its so near. My sister-in-law will be arriving from Texas. I need to get out her Featherweight and make sure it is well lubricated and ready to sew, since it has been "resting" since January.

The corner of my dining room is the "staging area" for items which must make their way to Camp. So far, there's not too much located there, but this weekend will see the quantity grow. I have a blanket bag full of quilt tops from my collection which will serve as scrap quilt inspirations. I just love scrap quilts . . . the more fabrics, the better! I need to make banners with scrap quilt quotes . . . some of the most memorable. Such as Bonnie Hunter's comment, "if the fabric is still ugly, you haven't cut it small enough!" Who can argue with that?

One of the key ingredients that make our Retreat go smoothly is the effort of the Director of the YMCA Leadership Center, Neil Morehead. He's very enthusiastic, and welcomes everyone. The most fun is when we draw for door prizes after each meal. He starts clapping and yelling, "Big Money!! Big Money!!" So, the last couple years, we've made sure we have a door prize for him, too. This year, he will find a Hallmark ornament depicting a snowman, since our theme is Snowbound. I also knitted mittens for him, as well as his wife. His pair have a long crocheted chain linking the two mittens together, like we all had in grade school. It will just be pinned inside, but should be funny when he looks at them!

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the "characters" who come each year. This year we have a few rookies, and some returning that have missed a year or two. It's always such great fun . . . takes too long to get here, and is over too quickly. It's such a pleasure to renew those friendships, and make some new friends, too. It's just a great time, and I offer this advice. Participate in the offerings of your Guild . . . you will enrich your life with wonderful friendships of creative and warm-hearted people who share your interests.


paula, the_quilter said...

When I'm working on a post I will occassionaly stop and do Ctrl-A (which highlights everything in the post including the photos) and then a Ctrl-C (which copies everything that is highlighted). Then if something happens to the post you can start a new one and put your cursor in the box and do a Ctrl-V (paste) and it will paste everything from the post you lost. Clear as mud? /paula

Dawn said...

Maybe you shouldn't bring that quilt to camp. I absolutely LOVE it! It is so me! My little black and gold fg quilt will look puny and sad next to it!

Baby I can't wait!

Laura said...

I am sooo ready! I bet your pile in the dining room has expanded plenty at this point. Should we call and get you a POD?

Maureen said...

Throughly enjoyed reading your blog! I'm getting ready to go on a retreat to, in Michigan just north of Elkhart. Sounds like the same time as you. Hope the weather is cool...last year it was 90! And like you it's like waiting for Christmas but over too soon. Love your button and thread collection!

Shelina said...

That is a beautiful quilt, and your retreat sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun.