Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More memories!

Here's a picture of my mother's buttons. I'm very selective about using any of them for any garments. I have used some on clothing for my granddaughter. With my DH's interest in buttons now, I don't often have to buy any.

He's busy assembling two Mason jar lamps for door prizes at the Guild Retreat in 2 weeks and 2 days . . . but who's counting. He fills one jar with old wooden spools, and the other with all kinds of old sewing notions and tools, and some buttons scattered in for more color. So far, everyone who has won a lamp at Camp has been delighted with it. We just get a kit from the hardware store with the lamp fixture pieces completely contained. He fills the jar with goodies, and drills the lid, and I wire the lamp. It's not difficult . . . learned to do it in seventh grade science class.

Had lots of fun at the auction on Sunday. I scored a Boye Needlemaster knitting needle collection. There was just one set of points missing. A few weeks ago at a different sale, different auctioneer, I bought a bag of odd lot yarns. There were just one or two skeins of many different designer yarns . . . perfect for someone in the running for Nana of the Year by making sweaters for my grand-daughter's American Girl doll. In the bottom, there was a circular needle made from the components of a Needlemaster kit. I looked high and low at that auction, and couldn't find the kit anywhere. So, this week, they had a kit but it had one set of points missing . . . guess what . . . they were the size 8's which I got in the bag of yarn!

When my DH was ready to leave the auction, I told him I was going to leave an absentee bid on a Lowrey organ. Since I was just leaving a $10 bid, he thought it was safe. About five o'clock, the phone rang, and it was the auctioneer, reporting I was the winning bidder. DH couldn't believe it, and has grumbled ever since, but he can't say too much . . . he spent $14 on kitchen plunder and old milk bottles!


Dawn said...

Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh!!!! If I don't win those door prizes I'm going to have to have Norm make me one! Gosh you two are sooo handy!

I LOVE your mom's jars of buttons! They look so perfect there!

Laura said...

My grandma always had a little organ that sat in the corner of her bedroom. We would spend hours playing it. I was an expert at Oh Holy Night and played it over and over all year round. To this day it is my favorite Christmas song because of the memories it brings.