Friday, November 17, 2006

More fun for button collectors!

Looking around at a couple other blogs, and I noticed some wonderful vintage buttons at Scraps and Threadtales. If you love vintage buttons, be sure to take a look.

I'm trying to get myself organized, so I can accomplish something. Our small quilt group is exchanging Artist's Trading Cards. They are to finish the approximate size of a baseball card. With only about a month to go, and ten or twelve to make, I thought today, I better get started. One nice thing is that they can be made completely from scraps! I'm trying to decide if I additionally want to make mine with seasonal fabrics. I'm doing applique, and my "icon" has only three pieces . . . it's a tiny tea pot. Next question is if they should be all one fabric, or two! I tend to think they will be more interesting with two fabrics, so the lid and base have a little more contrast. The rules are that embellishments cannot contribute to the thickness of the ATC more than the depth of a dime. That eliminates lots of beads, or anything of that sort. I'm looking forward to getting started this evening.

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Dawn said...

Oh make sure someone takes pictures of these ATC cards and send them to me! I want to see them so bad! I thought of trying to make some to send down, but I don't think I"m going to make it now with being sick. My big Thanksgiving weekend sew-in got caput with being sick!