Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Start-itis infection continues uncontrolled!

As previously noted, I received an invitation to play in Monkey Sock Swap Four . . . and to my pal, I received an e-notice this morning that Little Knits has a half-price sale on Brown Sheep Wildfoote, as well as Regia yarns. I would be happy with a skein of either of those . . . and you might even save a little money, too! I have purchased quite a lot of yarn from them, and been very happy with their service and selections. One thing I like about their website is that they have a listing of various yarn weights on a tool bar to the left of the screen. One is designated for sock yarns only, although, one should also read the text of their sale ad in the main portion of the screen for some additional sale listings. Just wanted to share that!

A few weeks ago, I laid aside some yellow scraps to be used in 12-inch Rising Star blocks. I pieced those over the weekend . . . just 13 of them, set on point. Since Laura has many of us launched into adding words to our quilts, I woke up Saturday morning thinking, "You Are My Shining Star!" I used Printmaster to create a headline in a wonky type-style, and printed it full sized as a placement guide. I knew I had a piece of yellow fabric with brightly colored stars edged in gold in my stash. I was delighted that I had an adequate amount to make a border, as well as my letters. Last night, I appliqued "Y" onto my border strip, and decided I will be happier with it using that fabric for the capital letters, and re-introducing some of the yellows in my blocks for the remaining letters. I'm also replacing the dots of "i's" and the exclamation point with stars. I'm having so much fun with this, I almost have to force myself to put it down, and attend to finishing the quilt I registered to be shown in our Guild Show!

DH worked at an auction Saturday, and after playing with my grandson for several hours, I went back to the sewing machine, and finished piecing my London Square blocks in scrap purples. Once it is pressed, I will post a photo. I'm still trying to decide if it should have a border. It's already 80 X 96 inches.

Bonnie Hunter is launching a new Mystery Quilt on April 1, called, "Orange Crush". I didn't play last time, and when I saw the finished quilt, I was kicking myself. Yesterday evening, I went to grab a journal from my stash to put the instructions in, and had a perfect candidate. The art work is oranges and a reamer, and says, "Fresh Squeezed". I'm thinking that was the perfect indication that I am SUPPOSED to play along this time! Brights are resting on my mind as the perfect candidate for this one.

I've been admiring the Civil War Diaries and Civil War Love Letters blocks, too. I have two tubs full of 1800's reproductions, not to mention a couple hundred charm squares left from my Millenium Quilt (the one I'm WAY ahead on?). I like controlled scraps, so usually have a single background fabric to unite all the components. Since I have an entire shelf unit of neutrals, I should be able to find one for that project. I bought both books, and I'm awaiting the arrival of the CD's to print out the patterns on freezer paper. (I haven't picked out a journal for it yet!) Once our Guild Show is behind me, I think I might have to keep a fire extinguisher next to the sewing machine . . . or my head, in case my brain bursts into flame from racing from one idea to the next!

I wonder if tidying up my fabrics giving a better idea of what I have, and where it is, are contributing to "Start-itis"? Might just be gasoline on the flames!


Kathie said...

I know exactly what you mean...
my goal is to make it to april 1st without starting another project and having one done by then, can I do it?
good luck!!!!!!

Laura said...

I can't wait to see your words they sound awesome. You now have me all excited about doing the orange crush also, you always have been a bad habit of mine, ha ha. What Linda does, Laura wants to do!
I remember my first retreat I believe it was at Turkey Run. I barely knew you but you were working on your quilt with the ship on it. I was awestruck and knew that you were the quilter I was going to watch and learn from.