Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, duh!

I've been invited to participate in Monkey Swap Four, and just carefully posted my questionnaire answers there . . . instead of where they belong . . . here! So, here we go again!
1) Measurements: shoe size US 8 1/2; foot length 9 1/2"; circumference 8 1/2"
2) Yarn preferences: colors - surprise me; clashes - none!; solid or variegated - yes!; favorite sock brands - Online, Opal, Regia, Cider Moon . . . seldom met one I didn't like; New yarn - bamboo or cornsilk?
3) Cookie A. Patterns: Twisted Flower, perhaps
4) Allergies: None; Love my friends pets, but none in my house; smoke - NEVER!
5) Shipping: Resident of USA, but happy to ship anywhere!

Looking forward to another fun adventure!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Welcome to Monkey Sock Swap FOUR! Hope you have lots of monkey fun!