Friday, June 12, 2009

Pedal to the Metal!

Zoomed along and managed to get my Basket of Flowers top completely assembled. The gals in my quilt group talked me out of an additional border. I must admit, it's a nice size, and looks cute as it is, especially since it has my own stamp . . . every blossom is a different fabric, and it will be embellished with some cute buttons for the flower centers, once quilted.

On a roll at the machine, so out came "Old Tobacco Roads" to get it closer to being assembled. Kept up a pretty steady pace, and have just three strips to join the top together. Then, a spacer border and a pieced border, and it will be ready to quilt . . . or turn over to my friend, Viki, to machine-quilt for me. Can't decide for sure what will go across the machine bed next . . . I made a few pink and white nine-patches for "Double Delight", the fourth Quiltville Mystery. Bonnie Hunter has her fifth mystery, "Christmas Lights" in the current and next two issues of Quiltmaker. It hasn't yet appeared on our local news stands, so I signed up for the Bonnie Hunter special shown on her blog-site. Since that publication comes out every two months, it should be easy to keep up with it.

My three-ring binder of Bonnie's stuff was gasping and stretched to its' maximum. So, last weekend, I acquired another file box, and started filing everything "Bonnie Hunter" in it. It is the kind of file box which will accommodate hanging folders, so her book is in one folder, the issue of Quiltmaker with her first appearance in another, and one will be dedicated to the new Christmas Lights mystery issues. I gathered all my hand-outs saved from her website, and set up folders for those, too. Also included the journals compiled as each mystery was made. I probably should start looking for a two-drawer filing cabinet.

Two weeks ago, DH worked an auction. There was a lovely featherweight, and not many bidders, so it came home with him. It is in mint condition . . . all the gold is perfect, and the case is completely unmarked. A little oil, and grease, cleaned the felt out of the feed dogs, and its' only issue is a little "thread-throw-up" on the bobbin side of stitching. Dropped it off at Sink Sew and Vac in Lebanon for some of Gary Sink's TLC. It will soon be operating perfectly.

At the same sale, there was an older Kenmore in a cabinet. The sale was on a Friday, so I was only able to attend for a bit on my lunch break. I asked DH what that machine sold for, and he said only a couple dollars, sold with some bedding and a chair. I kind of grimaced, because I always seem to run into someone who is looking for a reliable machine. The lady who made the purchase was pointed out to me, and I went over to ask her if she had intentions for the machine. She said she hadn't even looked it . . . her objective was the chair. So, we walked over to the items, and took a good look. She asked what I would offer, and I said, "Five bucks". We made a deal. Later, after work, I went to the Fairgrounds, in case DH had more acquisitions than he could fit in his van. Sitting around chatting over the day's sale, I learned that when the machine first came up for bids, no one would even open it. Two fellows put up $1 each to get DH to take it, and he refused. I could have had it for nothing! I'll polish it up a bit, and find it a new home, after I'm sure it is in good operating condition.


Jan said...

The basket of flowers looks great! You have been one busy girl. What are you going to do with all these machines? (sorry, I'm not suppose to ask that, am I) My BH notebook is getting pretty full also. Sounds like you have more than me. Now I know where to find what I am missing.
Christmas lights is on my agenda for camp.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Love the flower quilt! Of course DH found more machines! Too cool!