Friday, May 22, 2009

Bleary eyes make mistakes!

We've all done it . . . the "I'll just do one more thing" syndrome. Last night, I was preparing to sub-cut my strips for three-inch nine-patches for Baskets of Flowers. Thirty 9-patches are needed, fifteen of each of two colorways. I cut one strip set making 29 units, and I need 30. I was tired, and I thought I need to make another complete strip set to cut just one unit. Fortunately, I went to bed then. This morning, as I thought about it, I realized I just need one green 1 1/2 square to alter an opposite strip set, making the one remaining unit necessary. Did that for each of the two colorways, and I should be able to complete the nine-patches easily today. Then, press the sashing sets, and cut to size, and the quilt top will be ready to assemble, sans borders. So, now I can concentrate on the friendship phrase I want to place around the border. This is my current favorite:

"Sew a seed of friendship,
Reap a bouquet of happiness." Lois L. Kaufman

Received notification that the fabric has shipped that will become that border, so perhaps I can get my lettering ready, and by the time that is done, the fabric will have arrived. Maybe this will be the first quilt that Viki will quilt for me on her long-arm machine!

I'm going to keep going with piecing projects while I've got the "fever". Still have Bonnie Hunter's Old Tobacco Roads to complete, as well as a completely cut Double Delight. Truth be known, I'll never run out of projects!

Hope to put some of this long weekend to good use at the machine. Also, in the never QUITE completed task, should plow the studio. It was a mess, but with the window incident, it's even worse. Nothing to do but yank everything out and put it back properly. What a drudge, but it will be more inspiring to have a nice neat sewing space again.

Happy weekend to all!

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Quilts And Pieces said...

Wow! you have been on a roll!