Monday, May 18, 2009


As you probably have surmised, I succumbed to the offer from Hancock's for Mary Engelbreit's Basket of Flowers kit by Moda. It arrived on Wednesday, and I held off all the way until Thursday to start cutting it! By Saturday morning, it was all cut, and several blossoms assembled. I have made some adaptations to personalize it. First, I cut flowers from a matching jelly roll, so every flower is different. I woke up Sunday morning with the idea of adding buttons to the center of each blossom, once it is quilted. Since my dear friend, Laura, has launched me on my "words on quilts" program, I've decided to add a border, and a phrase about friendship. Haven't stumbled over a phrase that entices me yet, but I'll keep working on it. Last night, I finished all the red blooms, and have only five pink blossoms to stitch before assembling some nine-patch cornerstones, and three-strip sashings. Whatever the phrase is, I think I want it to be as "scrappy" as my flowers, so I might have to choose a light outer border. Because I prefer to cut the exact size and shape of each piece, I have plenty of fabric left over from the kit. I cut my triangles with an EZ Angle, instead of using the corner square technique . . . can't bring myself to throw away 40% of a square.

On Thursday, my E-bay bargain Shangri-la kit arrived. I read through all the instructions, and fondled the little 2" swatch patch packet attached to the pattern. There were enough swatches to make 12 little four-patches, so stiched them up to make a pillow. Found a remnant of one of the fabrics on-line to make the setting squares, and backing of the pillow. This morning's awakening inspiration was the idea of piping around each of the four-patches, so I went scouting for a little piece of one of the companion fabrics. It's so much fun with the old brain cooperates with inspiration without much perspiration!

Another inspiration was the idea to make throw pillows for Christmas gifts this year. Every other year, we spend Christmas in Virginia, with our eldest son, his family, and in-laws. They just make us a part of the family, too. The idea is that the pillow tops can be made up, and packed in a small box for the trip to Virginia, and I can purchase pillow forms once I arrive there.

Dh had his annual spring garage sale last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He was kind enough to share some of the proceeds. He cleared out lots of stuff that had been "bonus" purchases at auctions where we wanted just one or two things from a box. He said this morning that he thinks he made about 5% on his investment. I told him that is fantastic in this economic time. And, he also made the front page of today's Lafayette Journal and Courier, in an article about garage sales. He said the writer didn't use some of his best lines . . . I told him, the writer was probably jealous.

We had one catastrophe early in the week last week. Some neighbor kids were playing ball in our side lot . . . they had permission from DH. At some point, someone gave them a hardball instead of the plastic ball they had been using previously. Double-pane window in my studio was lost. The kids came to the front door immediately to tell us. DH was crabby, but I tried to keep him from scaring them too much. I bought them a sack full of wiffle balls on Friday night, and tough guy located a wiffle bat yesterday. We're going to show them the location of the bases when our boys played ball in the yard. That will move them more toward the back of the lot, and away from windows! It's nice to hear the children's voices in the yard again.

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You are definitely busier than I am. Just working on finishes. Slow going. Will check out article in paper on line.