Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is past . . . .

This was one of those whirlwind years. I can't quite believe Christmas has come and gone. For one thing, we changed our plans for a trip to Virginia at the last minute. The weather scared us off for the first time. We've never seen a flake of snow on any of our previous Christmas trips to Virginia . . . but before we departed Indiana, the kids got two feet of snow. They didn't get out of the house until Monday, late afternoon. We started talking about it, and on Tuesday morning, it was snowing to beat the band here at home. We decided we've always had such good luck, that we didn't need to be stupid in our advancing years, and put ourselves at risk.

It's probably the most laid-back Christmas we have ever had. We hadn't put the tree up, since we were going to leave, and it seemed silly to put it up for two days. DH decided he wanted meatloaf for dinner . . . I love cold meatloaf sandwiches, too, so that was fine with me. Our niece came for dinner, since she was across the street visiting her mother at the nursing home.

I made pumpkin bread and pumpkin pies, too. Our grandson came to spend the night, and had a buddy come over to play on Saturday. Sunday, I bundled the boys all up, and sent them down to Murdock Park to go sledding. I went to check on them after about 45 minutes; they were all aglow and happy, so I told them they could sled a few more minutes. Finally, at about 1 1/2 hours, I had to practically drag them to the van to go back to the house. Fed them hot chocolate and cookies, and got them warmed up, while I threw their wet jeans in the dryer. Neither of them had ever worn long-johns before, so they thought running around the house in their long-johns was great fun, too. Then, later, we took them to Pizza Hut where they both devoured a personal pizza each. I hope that these will be fun memories for them someday.

I went through some of the junk in my studio. What a mess! But, I put away lots of fabrics that were strung around the room, and organized a couple of my projects toward completion. I'm on the last block of Lori Smith's "Ode to the 30's" pattern, a flower pot with hexagonal blooms. The leaves and stems are all in place; just the pot and the blooms to finish. This may make the cut to go to Miss Mary's at the end of January, and become a finished top.

I actually cut the first borders for my Old Tobacco Roads, and need to trim the top before pinning them on and sewing them. I'm determined to have that one in all one piece before the clock strikes for the New Year on Thursday night.

DH is working an auction on January 1. He made the mistake of looking at the sale ad last night. They have about 65 lots of coins, and 27 guns, not to mention numerous antique toys, and other antiques. With the quantity of items, it's going to be an all day, and into the early evening kind of sale. He'll be beat when he gets home. It's the only auction all weekend, so they are sure to have a big crowd, and with the quality of items, lots of high prices. I'll have to make an appearance, but I'm going to try to stay home and sew!

It's Tuesday, and that's when our little group gets together. We're all going out to eat and then to the movie this evening for a change. We always have a good time, so I'm sure it will be fun.

Promise to post pictures with my next comments!


Quilts And Pieces said...

That sounds like my kind of Christmas - just chillin! Even Holly got snowed in in OK!

Jan said...

Know "Drew" and friend had a great time playing with "Nan" We went to boats, had a good time. Going to dinner and movie for New Years then to Joyce's for New Years day---UGH! Football all day. Lots of hand sewing time. Happy New Year DSIL.