Friday, June 02, 2006

Brain in Overdrive!

Working away on block choices and themes for Guild Retreat. I always have more material than there is time for . . . unless we can work out a three-week event. Probably cost prohibitive, and would require rental of a trailer to haul supplies.

The title of this year's event is "Snowbound", with a focus on scrap quilts . . . what one might make using only the fabrics on hand. An expanded focus will be making a larger quilt with a minimum number of blocks by the addition of the snowball block, and it's lesser known "cousin", the flowering snowball. Humor always makes a subject more memorable, so the blocks introduced will be separated into "strippers" and "squares", followed by "crumb piecing".

I recruited the gals in my group to make at least nine blocks of a scrap pattern, so we will have more to display. At first, they thought they would be assigned a pattern that I selected. But, there wouldn't be any fun in that. I encouraged them to select something that each found intriquing, and interesting to make by their own choices. I think we will get a better mix that way.

For my own contribution, I've got some variations on variable stars planned. Illustrating the different looks by adding simple piecing in the corner squares or center square is the focus. A four-patch in each corner can create a diagonal interest, emphasized by a square-in-a-square in the center block. Half-squares in the center and two corners can create a very dramatic split color block. Chevron style piecing in gradated colors in each corner make another look entirely. A fleece board with many option squares will give Campers an opportunity to play at arrangements, until a design emerges that will send them running to get started. This approach will be for the "explorers" in the group.

For those who prefer to operate with a complete plan in mind at the outset will have plenty of classic choices. My sister-in-law, Jan, works from this focus, and always requires plenty of "visuals". She's a tough critic, so if a plan is functional for her, it will work for others, too.

EQ5 is a wonderful tool in generating some of the necessary information. A drafted or selected block can be colored, and a snapshot lifted to Word, to create a cutting table in multiple sizes. I've always wanted to make a Nosegay quilt, but dreaded the odd-shaped pieces, and inset seams. So, I drafted a modified version with pieced tulips based in a four-patch grid. The set-up is three tulips, and the last quadrant is the green kite-shaped piece. I think it can be easily rotary cut with the Tri-Recs ruler. I've got to practice cutting the shape before making the final decision to include it in Retreat options.


Finn said...

Hi Linda c., thanks for stopping over at Pieces and leaving me a comment. Very interesting quote from your cousin, and food for thought.
I suppose we've needed to leave our "mark" on things all the way back to the "when this you see, remember me" labels that were added to friendship quilts.
Your retreat sounds like a lot of fun, and you certainly have some good idea.
It's always fun to hear what another scrap quilter is up to..*VBS*

Laura said...

I would definately go for a 3 week event Linda! Can you imagine our binder for that!

Dawn said...

And you dared to tell about these without any pictures!!!! :)

3 weeks with you all? I"m not sure my stomach muscles could handle it!