Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More than meets the eye

Looking over my postings, one would think that I do nothing but work on designs and patterns for my Guild Retreat. Since I have been quilt making since 1977, that's not an accurate viewpoint.

My very first bed-sized quilt was a Sampler, which my DS took to college and on to grad school, and loved it to shreds. The second, made from a Quilters Newsletter pattern in 1981, called, "Buds and Blossoms", resides on my guest room bed. My, what I have learned since those efforts!

I'm definitely addicted to applique, although my favorite pieces are combinations of piecing with applique. Hanging behind my DH's chair in the living room is a quilt I made for him several years ago called, "Calendar for a Hoosier Teacher". It features an Apple a month. One can tell it is a Hoosier calendar because the May apple is made from brick fabric, and the leaf from black and white checks to represent the Indianapolis 500.


anne bebbington said...

Love the apple quilt - we have friends who grow apples on their farm for cider manufacture - I've a stash of apple fabrics tucked away to make them a quilt sometime - just haven't got round to it yet - so little time, so many quilts :o(

Dawn said...

What a clever quilt! I noticed the calendar of apples even before I read the post! And how cute it is that it is for Norm! Very fun!

Laura said...

I know what a fantastic quilter you are! I am in awe of all your quilts! Love this apple one.