Monday, September 25, 2006

Collections are fun.

I confess to being a collector. A fairly recent compulsion is antique needle books. Some have all their needles, but many have lost some. I used to have them tucked in drawers, but my DH found the fan-style photo display piece, and it is just perfect for the needlebooks. I have the balance of the collection stored in photo boxes. One of the boxes is new, containing, for example, the Mary Engelbreit series.

Two boxes are just about full of antique needle books. I have two or three from the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. Several are from grocery store chains, and insurance companies; one from an exterminator, and a couple interesting ones from paint companies, shaped like paint cans. It's interesting to note the clothing and hairstyles on those featuring people which is helpful in dating them. Another indicator of age is the country of origin. For example, an old one with "Germany" is certainly pre-World War II.

In the photo, the oldest one is probably the small one on the lower left, probably dating from the 19-teens. Then, the horseshoe in the top row from the 1920's. The small white one on the lower row was a premium when one purchased a Kenmore sewing machine at Sears. The Sewing Susan at the lower right has appeared in several generations.

Fortunately, this isn't an expensive hobby . . . and it's small enough to transport easily. Not always a regular condition of my collections!


Sweet P said...

I never knew there was such a thing as needle books. Makes me wonder what other sewing room treasures exist that I don't know about. Thanks for educating me.

Dawn said...

Oh yes, Linda's collections are so much fun to look at. You could browse her house for days and still find something new and exciting!

Lucy said...

I like collections too linda. I am collecting child sewing machines :)
( and books from "the Little Prince" antoine de saint exupery in all languages ) It is so great to see your collection !

Laura said...

Linda I think your collection of needle books would be a great addition to our next quilt show!