Friday, September 22, 2006

Tiny treasures, too!

The top of my lovely sewing cabinet has some interesting treasures, too. There is a unique spool holder of colored aluminum, probably from the time frame of the aluminum pitchers and glasses. This one is pink.

The cradle pincushion is one I made from a planter. I made a tube of cotton batting, about the size of a soup can; then stuffed it with polyester fiberfill, closing it in with circular "lids" of batting at top and bottom. Next I made a little quilt with a heart in the center. Once that was complete, I decided it needed an embroidered pillow with matching "sheets". It turned out so cute, I can hardly pass up interesting planters at flea markets. I have a couple prospects stashed on a shelf in the basement, including a "wheelbarrow" with roses vining over the edge, some baby blocks, and baby carriage.

There are two additional vintage pincushions. One features a little poodle sitting up on his haunches, holding a hoop in his mouth. The hoop supports a thimble. I saw one on E-bay, and the price put it way out of my ballpark. I was delighted to find this one in a little shop in Charlottesville, Virginia, at a price that was only about 7.5% of the E-bay cost. The other pincushion is a vintage Disney piece sporting a dainty little Tinkerbelle in the center, holding a tiny bell. That one relates to a funny family story, the reason that inspired my DH to purchase it at auction.

When our eldest son, Kyle, was about 2 1/2 years old, we went to see Peter Pan at the movies. He loved it, and thereafter, he would announce, "I'll be Peter Pan . . . you be 'Windy'". Dad would ask who he could be, and for the first few weeks, before he settled into the more permanent character of Captain Hook, Kyle would respond, "You be Tinkerbell." Of course, we had to call each other these names until Kyle decided the game was over.

All those memories came flooding back as history repeated itself, when our granddaughter (Kyle's daughter) at about the same age began portraying many of the Disney characters . . . . my personal favorite sounded as though she said, "Fee-fee footy". That translated to Sleeping Beauty. She also did a performance of Belle from Beauty and the Beast in the scene where Belle is crying softly missing her father. DGD would lie on the floor with a wan expression on her face for a minute or two, then sit up and say, "I need a tissue." She completed her scene by dabbing at her eyes with the tissue. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Now, DGD is a 9-year old, with two younger brothers. The youngest turned 3 in August, and he's all boy. DGD had a sleep-over with friends for her 9th birthday. When my DIL went to take cake to the neighbor, DGS started chasing the screaming girls through the house, waving a box of powdered laundry detergent, which scattered everywhere. When my son told me about it, I laughed very hard and then confessed to having trouble hiding my amusement in the presence of the kids. He said their method is to look at the floor intensely, but if that doesn't work, they get up and leave the room very quickly.

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Sweet P said...

Thanks for the tour of your treasures and for the memories. Children are so much fun, but even more fun when they are grandchildren.