Thursday, October 19, 2006

Well, duh!!!

Since DH changed his mind about four times before we actually left on vacation, and we actually departed the evening before our original plan, I left many things that I wanted to take behind . . . including the camera. I even thought about it as I drove home from the office, and that might be forgiven if I didn't have a four-minute commute!

I also forgot to grab some different jewelry, so I wore pearl earrings the entire trip . . . they look great with jeans and a sweatshirt!

Here's the worst part . . . I packed my wonderful sewing case made for me by Dawn. But I left the fold up sandpaper/cutting board my sister-in-law, Jan, made for me . . . and what's worse is that my current applique projects were tucked inside. So, I busied myself on the drive with reading and working on my "Nana of the Year" title by knitting sweaters, and doing the hand-work on clothes for my DGD's American Girl dolls.

We stopped in Lexington, Virginia, on the way east, and visited an antique gallery, primarily to walk and stretch a bit. I found a neat small sewing box, with a roll-top lid, similar in construction to the larger one on legs acquired last trip. An antique shop in Charlottesville yielded a neat English thimble with "critters" . . . I think they look like foxes, but friends have voted for cats or dogs, too. This has been a good year for thimble acquisitions! I scored three at auctions the weekend before we left town, all from the late 1800's.

The grand-kids are growing like weeds, as one would expect. Ben is the youngest, and he's a match for Grandpa. He loves all the super heroes, with Batman as a particular favorite. He launched a conversation about what character Grandpa should be for Halloween. Ben's recommendation was Darth Vader. Grandpa asked for hints on his portrayal, and Ben put those cute baby hands over his mouth and said, "Luke . . . I am your fah-der".

Grandpa has always teased the kids by corrupting the names of television and movie characters. So, when Ben was showing his Yoda, Grandpa kept referring to him as yogurt. At one point, Ben disappeared and came back from the kitchen, where he had removed a container of yogurt from the fridge. He held it up in a perfect "Vanna White" type display, and announced, "Grandpa . . . dis is yogurt . . . we eat dis. That is Yoda." At dinner, we were recounting this conversation to his Daddy, as Ben sat on his lap. Daddy asked, "Well, Ben . . . did you get Grandpa straightened out?" Ben held up his hands in a gesture of frustration and said, "He was annoying me!" I laughed so hard, I couldn't breathe.

We went to pre-school, two soccer games, and the bookstore on our visit. The kids love books, and I'm always willing to buy them. My husband is always grateful that Barnes and Noble doesn't have shopping carts, so I can't buy more than I can carry!

One afternoon, I got to sew with my granddaughter. I brought along my Featherweight, and a few patterns. We went through them, and made a list of garments for me to make. The first five she picked out for her friends! I managed to make three dresses, a romper, and a pair of pajamas, along with three sweaters for delivery this trip. I'm going to see how many I can make before its time to send off the Christmas box. I have two more sweaters I knitted on the way home . . . Nana of the Year is my target you know!


sossy said...

One thing I have never learned is to knit. One of these nice snowy winter days I am just going to pop in at your house and make you teach me!

I am sure you are a fantastic Grandma! My grandma crochets a little bit, but has pretty bad arthritis, so doesn't make much anymore. I do have several blankets she made me and a baby blanket. Glad you had fun on the trip and found some neat stuff.

Angela said...

Ach that is the story of my life...forget the camera. I am glad you had such a good trip. Being withe family is so important.

Sweet P said...

Yoda/yogurt and an annoying grandpa make for a wonderful trip. I needed a good laugh today and your story gave me one. Thanks!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

And you deserve to be nana of the year, my parents are an hour away and visits aren't common-too busy.
What great fun to sew with your granddaughter, isn't that a memory to keep. Ps just added a few chook things you may like....