Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back from Paducah!

I think I'm mostly recovered except for the burning desire to do nothing but sew or quilt . . . but I've suffered that malady for most of my life! We had a great trip. We usually exchange some sort of little "room-mate gift", and mine was the compenents to make and embellish a pincushion. I took my little kits in a plastic sweater storage box, and was able to put all my personal purchases inside it, and close the lid! It only took one trip to carry it in . . . previous years have seen three or four huge bags full of fabrics, so this was quite a turn around. I bought the show catalog, Art Quilts 2009, and Judy Martin's new book on Log Cabin variations. Even found a scrap bag at one vendor in the mall, and some $1 fat quarters in brights to liven up my Orange Crush quilt.

Benartex and AQS had a booth shop hop, featuring the Benartex line, Aspen. I loved the colorways . . . burgundy, a sort of mauve, light gold, and acid green, and had to play. By the time I got to the convention center, most of the booths were sold out of block kits, but promised to mail them to me. I even found a roll of half-yards of the six fabrics in the color palette, so hopefully, I will have an adequate amount of supporting fabric to design a flattering setting for the blocks.

In the category of "Well, duh . . . ", I put the camera in my purse, and the first time I tried to use it the batteries were dead . . . with batteries in the recharger back at the Lake cottage. So, that evening, I carefully removed the camera from my purse, and switched out the batteries . . . then left it on the dresser at the Lake. Needless to say, I didn't take a single picture!

On Wednesday evening, before we left for Paducah, Jan (my DSIL), and Dawn were at my house, and Marguerite joined us. We all were sewing, and had a lovely time. On Sunday evening, after we had returned home, my DH came into the studio, and looked at Jan and I sewing. He asked if this scene would be a constant if we lived closer together, and we decided he was probably right about that.

Yesterday morning, I drove Jan to the airport, and stopped by my brother's on the way home. My cousin, Diane, will be coming for a visit at the end of next month, so we made out an agenda of sorts. And, of course, decided on the menu for a cook-out. My brother grinned and suggested immediately that I could make German Potato Salad . . . I like to make it with LOTS of bacon. Then, he requested Carrot Cake for dessert. Both are easy, so I'm planning on them being my contribution.

On the needlework front, I finished the applique of my title, "You Are My Shining Star" early this morning, and rinsed it out to get the markings out. It should be ready to trim and attach to my scrappy yellow rising star blocks. Borders, and that one will be ready to quilt. I even found a backing at Eleanor Burns' tent sale. I don't care for her, and have never set foot in any of her Paducah locations before, but the other girls wanted to go because of the $4 a yard fabrics. I liked that part, and thought that since we were going as our first stop in the morning, I wouldn't have to listen to her voice, or kindergarten delivery. We weren't 20 feet from the car, and I heard her on the PA . . . I managed to refrain from sticking my fingers in my ears. I know that many people adore her, but she just drives me nuts! I was happy to find a couple fabrics, and some EZ Angle rulers for only $3 . . . I grabbed a couple of those, because I have been known to use one so much that I rubbed the lettering right off the ruler.

Last night, I put together the framing sashing for the upcoming Somewhere in Time blocks. The fifth block in that series should be posted in a day or two. I pieced the first four last week before departing for Paducah. On my lunch hour, I started cutting for Clue #3 of Orange Crush. Once that is out of the way, I have to decide what I will work on next. I think I'll get my Millennium quilt (WAY AHEAD on that one!) out and prepare the sashing strips "leader and ender" fashion. Also, have a lay-out planned for my 2006 Florida Shop Hop blocks which are all assembled, so will probably start the applique for the setting pieces on that one. Can you imagine what I might get done if I didn't have to work?


Jan said...

Glad the trip to the airport wasn't a total loss of 2 hours. Sounds like your visit with your brother was a good one. Can't wait for my boxes to get here so I can start on #3 of Orange Crush. Headed to the sewing room to finish #2. Thanks again for a great visit. Your DSIL-Jan

Quilts And Pieces said...

Arghhh, I haven't even cut for part 2 yet!!!!! I'm still unpacking fabric!