Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recovering the evidence!

Just happened to read Ruthie's blog this morning (, and found she has posted pictures of some of our Paducah room-mates loading the evidence of their shopping successes into Sue's car to go home . . . claim is they didn't have room for their luggage! There's a little video, too. Hop over there for a peek!

I'm not sure, but we may be able to pad our pockets with monies for our own shopping next year, by agreeing . . . for a price . . . not to reveal this evidence to certain husbands!

When we had show and tell, we thought their "show" was a little light. To be honest, Jane admitted that they left most of their purchases in the car, because some of the fishermen didn't understand that those parking places were not for their boats and trailers, but for the occupants of the adjacent townhouses. So, Jane and her group had to park some distance away from our lodging and walk "home", and couldn't carry all their purchases. (Those boys didn't read their information packet which indicated that boats and trailers belong on the marina lot. I'm the stubborn type . . . I wedged my vehicle between two boats.) Now, we know they weren't kidding about not being able to carry it all!

Well . . . back to work . . . I'd rather be sewing!

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Quilts And Pieces said...

That video is sooo funny! Next year I'm pulling those boats down to the lake!