Friday, April 11, 2008

Quilt Show is history!

Our Guild show was another success story. I was really proud of my DSIL's quilt. It was wonderfully displayed. One rounded a corner, and there it was right in front of you. It is stunning. She did a magnificent job . . . of course, blogger is being obstinate again!

I managed to get my Peppermint Pinwheel finished, and didn't even get any blood on it! I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, too. It's nice and flat, and the hand quilting shows up nicely, though you might have to squint to see it here.

So, with those obligations behind me, I'm free to just freak out! I still have "Start-itis"! I signed up for Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush Mystery. She will be posting Clue #2 sometime early next week, so I thought I'd better get the first clue done. I have about 60 blocks of the 150 required four-patches complete. I'm using a bright palette. Won't have to have a night light!

Early in the morning, our Quilt Guild bus departs for the Chicago show. It's always a good time when you go with friends. One of the things we started doing several years ago is to bring cheese and crackers for the trip home . . . oh . . . and some wine! We serve the cheese and crackers to the whole bus. Of course, its just not the same without Patti doing the "flight attendant" routine. I remember the first year she did that, I thought we would have to get oxygen for one gal's husband. He was hysterical . . . especially, as people were getting off the bus, and she was saying, "Buh-bye! Bye! Bye! Buh-bye!" But, she lives in Atlanta now, so she doesn't make this trip with us. She will be here next week to go to Paducah however.

Since I'm in the final stages of tidying up my stash in the basement, I'm hoping to remain on a fabric diet . . . though a couple appetizers in the form of charm squares or jelly rolls won't hurt! Now that everything downstairs is organized, I can turn my attention to the long neglected studio . . . which is really a major mess. I think I remember seeing carpeting in here, and I'm going to find it before my sister-in-law arrives from Texas. Rumor has it that the computer desk has a wood top, too. Now, it looks like a vertically challenged bookshelf!

I'm doing the applique of lettering for a quilt top made entirely from my stash, and scraps of yellow. I have thirteen rising star blocks set on point, and "You Are My Shining Star!" across the top border. I am ready to start on the first "n" in Shining. Hope to have it assembled for our Guild meeting on Tuesday.

I've made one block from the Civil War Love Letters book. I bought the software, so I need to print some paper piecing patterns for the more difficult blocks. The first block is titled "Enthusiasm", and I just rotary cut it to size, because it is a very simple block.

Next in the hopper from my seemingly endless supply of UFO's is my 2006 Florida Shop Hop blocks. I have some applique work to do on the setting squares and triangles. I'm anxious to get going on that one. Then, it's the luck of the draw to see what I'll work on next.

Surfing for primitive stitchery led me to a neat website full of clever designs, and lots of cute free-bies, too. Check out Jennie Baer's designs. They are enchanting. She has a new book out, too, published by Leisure Arts . . . of course, the name escapes me, but you can get to it from her website.

Hope everyone has lots of quilting and or sewing in their weekend plans!


Amanda said...

I've just checked out the Jennie Baer site - what lovely designs, thanks for the link. Happy sorting.

gingerquilts said...

I'm so jealous of your bus trip! I haven't been on one for a long time. I think it's high time I got involved with my guild again. Have a wonderful time!!

Katie said...

I love your bright fabrics for Orange Crush!

Laura said...

Jan's quilt was a stunner!

I love your orange crush blocks. It is going to be a "Happy" quilt. Your background fabrics are awesome.

I will be at guild on Tuesday to see your Shining Star!

Dawn said...

You guild show was fun! And your peppermint twist quilt beautiful! And it was so nice to bump into you this weekend! One more week (well and a few days) and I'll be back down! Can't wait!

Oh by the way - your Orange Crush 4 patches are wonderful! Mine are done, worked on them yesterday but didn't snap a pic yet.