Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crushing and Road Tripping!

Bonnie Hunter posted Clue #2 yesterday. I'm still in my never ending quest to clean up my studio . . . now that the basement is tidy. I was really good, and worked on the stuff on one of the bookcases, and one double-drawer unit. Having "earned" some sewing time, I proceeded to cut the half-square triangles and squares I need for the second clue. This morning, I put about 20 units of the 142 necessary together. Since Bonnie said she will post a new clue every two weeks, that fits my schedule perfectly. I can get my units done, go to Paducah, and come home to Clue #3!

Next week is going to be a blast. My DSIL arrives from Texas on Monday, along with Queen Patti from Atlanta. Tuesday, of course, is Paducah Eve, and the accompanying dinner . . . we sort of feed our spouses a "last meal" at this event, which includes Patti's famous cream puffs! They are spectacular. I was lucky to be accepted at the Cream Puff Symposium which she offered for us before her move to Atlanta. Hers will always be the best, though.

Wednesday, Dawn and Linda G. will arrive from the Chicago suburbs and Cleveland suburbs, respectively. Linda is to be an honored guest of a former student on Wednesday evening at the student's senior banquet. Dawn and Jan will both be staying with me that evening, so we will probably work on our Orange Crush projects.

For several years, we have driven to Effingham, Illinois on Wednesday evening, so we can hit the ground running into Angie's Nine-Patch, there when she opens the door. I always send her a note to warn her that the quilting "locusts" will be there, so she has enough help to cut for all of us at the same time. So far, she hasn't locked the door when she sees us coming! This year, we have gone back to the Thursday morning departure. The way we do it, it will probably be dinner time before we see the doors of Hancock's in Paducah!

I'm on the same fabric diet, continuing into Paducah. A jelly roll, and some charm squares are the probable limit . . . perhaps a scrap bag, if I can find any. I saw several new patterns that I wanted to buy in Chicago, but I managed to abstain . . . hope I can keep that willpower going. Maybe I should stack all my PIP's bins . . . which would be substantially higher than my 5' 8" . . . take a picture, and put it where I can see it all the time. Sort of a self-imposed guilt trip. Once, I mentioned having a quilt project in a box, and my friend, Garnet, said, "That's not a quilt in a box . . . it's guilt in a box!"


Jan said...

Does this mean I can keep a close eye on you and flash the picture in front of you often? DSIL

Candace said...

Sound like you have some really fun times ahead of you, wish I had plans like that. I enjoyed your comment on my blog about family reading yours, I have a brother in law like your husband, and he is a retired teacher. Doesn't want a cell phone either. I am new to blogging and just got tagged, so if you can when you get back, I'd like to pass it on. The rules are on my blog if you have any time to participate. Thank you, Candace

Quilts And Pieces said...

I can't wait!!!!!