Sunday, April 20, 2008

Studio is Tidy!

Spent most of Saturday evenings, and all day Sunday, finishing up the clean-up of my studio. Thought I'd better hurry up and take pictures, while it's still tdy! This is the view from the doorway.

This is the view from the computer station, next to the doorway! Hey, Sossy . . . take a good look at the bookcase! It doesn't show clearly, but to the immediate left of the bookcase is an interesting roll-top sewing box. Multiple chatelaines hang from the shelf, too. Look at that collection of rulers, will you? They are all lined up in a file sorter on the cabinet at the left.

Speaking of the computer . . . here's that and the bookcase in the other corner. You can see some of my collectible pincushions on the shelves above. Also, you might note that I have two printers. The one on the right is an old dot-matrix that I use for printing paper foundations on freezer paper. Works like a charm!

Here are my entertainment components. Inside the armoire, is my television and DVD player. I can sit at the sewing machine and watch movies. The doors of the armoire are convenient to drape a flannel-backed tablecloth, and display blocks I've assembled.

And, here's my reward to devotion to task. I'm collecting the Block of the Month at Block Central, called "Somewhere in Time". This is block one, Union Square. It's an 18-inch block, and uses a color palette that I had assembled with no known purpose. I think it's going to be a fun project. I have three blocks to make to catch up. I wouldn't let myself start it until the studio and basement storage were cleaned up.
Friday evening, I completed assembly of Clue #2 blocks for Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush mystery. It will be about a week until Clue #3 is posted, and that will work perfectly for me. My DSIL arrives from Texas tomorrow for Paducah Week! We will be departing on Thursday morning for our annual adventure.


Amanda said...

Well done you, your studio looks terrific. Will it stay like that? I'd love to have a space of my own, instead of working in my bedroom and having to tidy everything away all the time.

Laura said...

It looks great! And you even managed to fit in some sewing time. I don't know how you get it all done!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I"m sure Jan and I can do some damage to that room! I can't wait to see you! Oh I wish I could sit and sew and watch TV! Someday.....