Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome in from the cornfields!

Carol has joined the blogging world. Be sure to check out her blog at www.cornfieldquilter-carol.blogspot.com. She lives in north central Indiana . . . in the general area where part of the Hitchcock movie, "North by Northwest" was filmed. Remember the scene where Cary Grant gets off the bus out in the country, and then takes cover in the cornfields from the crop-dusting plane? That's Carol's neck of the woods . . . or cornfields, as the case may be! Carol is a long-arm quilter, who does fabulous work, and has posted a picture of her Carolina Crossroads quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter. It's wonderful!
Got to sew a little bit on my lunch hour. I had hoped to have my rising star quilt top completed for Guild tonight, but I'm still doing the applique of my letters. Have just started to stitch down the second "i" in Shining (You are my shining star!). I had good intentions of working on it on the recent bus trip to Chicago, but the road was so bumpy, I couldn't keep my needle threaded. After our frequent freeze and thaw winter, the asphalt and concrete is just exploding. We might have lost the bus in one crater, if it weren't for the volkswagen that had already disappeared into it! The main belt line around Lafayette is supposedly scheduled for repairs . . . in 2010. By that time, it will have busted up into just plain gravel. Maybe we can re-name ourselves as the hubcap city of North America, because there are plenty to choose from along the sides of the roads!

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Carol said...

Thank you so much for the intro on your blog. Isn't blogging so much fun! I love to see what everyone is doing and you can just feel the creativity in the air! Have fun in Paducah, maybe we will run into each other at the show. :c)