Friday, May 30, 2008

And then . . . depression set in!

Mail delivery brought me a communique from The Stash Store that the finishing kit and block kit for the AQS Booth Hop are delayed by back ordered fabric. While I'm absolutely thrilled that they took the time to let me know, I'm bummed that I've got another month or six weeks until it arrives . . . What can I possibly do to keep myself busy until then?

Had a distinct moment of weakness this morning, but I counted to about 42 million, and overcame the urge to sign up the the 52 Pair Plunge II which launches in June. I have plenty of sock yarn, but I also have sample quilts to prepare for our Guild Retreat in September, not to mention my various and sundry other projects. I told myself that even though there is an adequate supply of yarn for the 52 pairs of socks, I would have to dedicate myself entirely to that project, and call a halt to my continuing progress on various quilt tops. As a matter of fact, we will be going to Chicago for the weekend to a grandniece's high school graduation party, and I'm looking forward to the trip, simply for the knitting time. I desperately need to complete my obligation of a pair of Monkey socks to a dear gal in northeastern Indiana with the patience of a saint! I didn't manage to knit one single stitch while my cousin was here, so I really need to dedicate myself to finishing that project this weekend.

This weekend is also the Friends of the Library book sale. Like I need to buy another book! But, I have tried to control that urge, too. I always read about fifteen to thirty minutes before I go to sleep. If I don't get my chance to read, I have trouble drifting off! DH always grumbles that bed is for sleeping, so it's clear that he didn't have the comfort factor of reading in bed when he was growing up, as I did. The last few library sales, I have limited myself to the purchase of titles which will fill out a series by particular authors. With few exceptions, I take my index cards, alphabetized by author's name, and listing the missig titles, and attach the whole list to my tote-bag with a springy cord. Then, when reviewing the mounded tables of books, its easy to check and stuff them in the bag, if the book qualifies by being on the list. Hard backs are $1 and paper-backs are 50 cents, so it is a very economical purchase. As we finish reading our acquisitions, and perhaps passing them around among friends, we pack up boxes to return to the library for the next sale. It works out very well for us! In fact, when some of my friends are done with their books, they cycle them to us for delivery to the library as well!

Wonder when the next Orange Crush clue will be posted . . . I'm guessing in about another week on the approximate two-week intervals that Bonnie Hunter originally mentioned. I'm driving myself nuts trying to figure out how the remaining pieces will be utilized. It's just like Christmas . . . I want to open that package!

Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend!


Amanda said...

It sounds like you've got plenty to do while you wait for your fabric package. Well done on resisting the sock challenge - that would have been a heck of a commitment. Your library sale sounds a really good idea and since it's probably for a good cause (the library funds?) I don't think you should resist too much. Happy reading.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Man that is a bummer. But just think - you can start something else then!

Laura said...

I always read in bed.
I would think your hands would be cramped up from all the knitting of socks you did last year (which was fine in my book since I was a lucky recipient of a warm and wooly pair). Good for you for resisting. Especially since you have been on such a roll with quilting lately.