Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Extended week-end still went too fast!

My cousin, Diane, was here to spend the weekend with me. We didn't do a whole bunch except get to know each other, something we missed as children, because we didn't know she existed. I had a great time, I know, and I'm proud to say she got her edits done and wrote the last chapter of her book at my house while I sewed quilt blocks. It's amazing how much we resemble each other, and we compared some childhood photos, and we look like twins! In addition to writing a novel, she makes beautiful jewelry, so I made her do a show and tell of that when my quilting friends came over last night.

I pulled out my box of Perfume Bottle blocks and told her to pick out her favorites for a quilt. She was worried about taking my favorites, but I said I would just make another! I have a wonderful black fabric with tiny gold squares sparsely scattered on it to use for sashing, and a gold sort of "window-pane plaid" to use for corner stones. I also gave her the Peppermint Pinwheel quilt. I hadn't put a label on it, and when I reached for the quilt to add it, she grabbed it and hugged it . . . I had to promise that I wasn't taking it away from her!

I have ten Orange Crush blocks to make, and once those are done, I'm going to work on the perfume bottles until the next Block Central BOM block is posted next week . . . I have the framing for that block all done, so it should take less than an hour to get that one done.

Before Diane arrived, I finished making the Quilt for an Hour blocks . . . I didn't follow that format too closely. Once I knew the block size, I just kept the sewing machine pedal to the metal! I made my blocks in red, white and blue, so it will be a sample quilt for our Guild Retreat this fall.

I just have two lenses on one pair of sunglasses to applique for my Florida 2007 quilt, and I'll be ready to start setting those onto my blocks, and making the alternate "beach umbrella" blocks. I ran across some Tampa Bay fabric I bought in Florida, and my first thought was that the scale was too large to use anything in the sunglass lenses. However, there was a section showing the Sunshine Skyway Bridgein an applicable scale, and since that is an integral part of our quilt shop hopping, I deleted another design with wine bottles, and added the bridge to my quilt. I'm getting really wired on this one. Of course, I don't have too many projects that I don't get wired for sooner or later!

Now that DH is off painting every day, I can really keep the sewing machine rocking during my lunch hours! Pictures next post . . . I just wanted to get caught up!


Lindah said...

How neat to have that time with your cousin! Relatives are so special.
Now my eyes are dazzled with all your quilt projects! Looking forward to your pics.
--another Linda

Jan said...

What kind of book is she writing?
Know you had a good time. Can't wait to see your Perfume Bottles. You are going so fast on everything you are going to run out of things to work on quickly (I know, I'm kidding) Take care of my DH next week