Monday, May 12, 2008

Start-itis virus rages on!

Last month, I was able to go to the Chicago show, where I fell in love with a quilt with wool applique called, Primitive Garden, by Primitive Gatherings. So, last week, I thought I would take a peek at their website, just to see if there is a regularly scheduled shipping date for said blocks. While there, I read their newsletter, and noticed an applique club, dedicated to making the Elegant Garden blocks by Laundry Basket Quilts. So, I hurried up and e-mailed them, asking for those blocks to be included in my monthly shipment. Today, I had a wonderful package from them with all these rich applique projects.

I'm working on Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush, and through it's chat-list, I played along in a fabric swap. My partner was Renee, who was looking for some dark fabrics. I received her package last Friday, and it was wonderful . . . lots of 2 1/2 inch strips, which can be added to my Civil War Love Letters project, and a couple of darling Christmas medleys from Keepsake Quilting, which she said she will never use . . . well, I will, and I will certainly enjoy them, too.

Another "Crusher", Wanda, noted she was working without the EZ Angle ruler, recommended by Bonnie in making this quilt. I had a couple extras that I bought in Paducah, and put away just for such an opportunity. So, I sent one off to her, and today, I got a package with three adorable food related fabrics. Timing was perfect for this, because in reading Renee's blog, she made mention of a quilt-along at Amanda Jean's blog. She has just launched a star quilt, and in thinking about whether I should play or not, I thought I could use some of my food fabrics for a fun quilt . . . if I played. Well, you know . . . Wanda just pushed me right where I wanted to go anyway!

My next AQS block from the booth hop arrived today, too. And, my son sent me the Rosie the Quilter t-shirt for Mother's Day. Is this a great country, or what!

So, you won't think that I have just been launching new projects, I'm moving along on my Orange Crush Clue #4, though I almost messed that one up. I forgot which fabric I chose for my accent, and made some triangle squares with it. Fortunately, I looked back in my journal, and caught my mistake, and I have plenty of yardage to finish the quilt, in spite of my mistake. I'll probably use the squares I made to make a quick neo-natal quilt top for the hospital.

Last night, I finished the applique on the Guild challenge, working with fabrics selected by others. I'm going to look through what remains of that fabric palette, and I think a flying geese border is in order. At this rate, I'll have this done by July . . . and, it doesn't need to be complete until December. Usually, I'm terrible about waiting until the last minute.

Speaking of which, I am knitting Monkeys for Swap #4. They are all I need to get done to send off my care package to my swap pal. If she's been reading my blog lately, she probably wonders if I have ever knit! I might send all the other elements to her, and follow up with the socks as soon as I get the second one off the needles, just so she knows she hasn't been neglected.

Blogger is being obstinate, refusing to upload any pictures . . . so I'll try that the next time!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Wow, you do have a lot going on. But doesn't it make things so interesting and non-boring!

Jan said...

WHEW! I'm worn out just reading everything you have going. You are in overdrive DSIL (better known as "out of control") If you keep up this pace, we are going to be saying that a lot when it comes to camp time. Love ya

Kucki68 said...

I have starteritis too: I am still looking at crazymom's stars, but I have started Judy's Quilt an Hour (behind already), do Bonnie's OC, have some Buckeye Beauty blocks going, a leader ender project in midprocess, some string diamonds started and plan on a happy stars quilt. Oh wow, makes me tiered, better get home and sewing.