Thursday, May 29, 2008

Picture This!

Progress Report: First image is the first applique in the Elegant Garden blocks by Laundry Basket Quilts. These are small, and just so enchanting. This might be my favorite of the first five block kits I have received. I know you have been waiting to these, Dawn!

Next up is Clue #5 of the Orange Crush . . . I chose to work in a bright palette. Would you believe that the lime green in the alternate block actually tames these DOWN! I think I should call mine, "UV Warning!"

Now, back to the archives! The above is a Christmas quilt pattern with non-traditional colors and fabrics. It's been so long since I made it, I'm not sure of the designer, but I want to say it was a Pat Campbell design. Don't count the berries . . . it wll make you tired. I'm sure they were multiplying as I appliqued them in place. Sort of like an ugly piece of fabric that never gets any smaller . . . the stack didn't seem to get shorter very quickly!

Another from the archives . . . Perfume Bottles from a swap several years ago. These were the inspiration for the blocks I have been making subsequently for a quilt for my cousin. Actually, I started to make a larger quilt for myself; when I decided on a setting . . . different from this . . . I realized I had many more blocks than I needed. This little quilt was one admired by Diane when I first met her, so I decided I would make her quilt first, and my larger quilt later. I let her go through the box of about 180 blocks and pick out her favorites. I'm ready to cut cornerstones and sashing for that one, so the intention is that you will soon be seeing an assembled quilt top, ready to go to Viki Kirby for her magical machine quilting!
On other PIP's, I've got all my sunglass lenses in place, and started to apply the sunglass units to the backgrounds. I'm going to my niece's high school graduation party this weekend, so maybe I can get a few finished blocks put aside for that project, since I have about a 4 1/2 ride, while my husband drives.
I've been all but stalking the mailman, waiting for my last three AQS shop hop blocks to arrive. I'm getting more anxious all the time. I'm going to give it until next week, and then contact the shops that haven't forwarded my blocks and ask what the status is!
I guess I'll have to give the old roulette wheel a spin to see what project will come up next! (Reminds me of going to a Super Bowl Sale with Marguerite once . . . they had a roulette wheel to spin for a discount. As we walked in the door, and heard it clacking, she said, "Wow! Sounds like my first sewing machine!")


Candace said...

The blocks and quilts are all eye candy and beautiful. I love the cheerfulness of your step 5 blocks. They won't bring anybody down, I think your quilt will bring a smile and a happy feeling. Sometimes cozy is great, but sometimes happy is the thing.

Sweet P said...

I love your Orange Crush blocks and the perfume bottle quilt. Great job on all of it.

Carol said...

I love the Elegant Garden block. I am also getting these blocks but have not started yet. If I have a problem I know where to find you to get help. :D Love all your quilts! How do you store them until they are quilted?

Kathy Wagner said...

Love your cheerful step 5 blocks!
And I was happy to see your bottle quilt! I should post a photo of mine...I did the Y2K bottle block swap.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Yup! That is one of my favorite blocks in the quilt! And your fabrics are AWESOME!

Laura said...

Wow your blocks ARE bright. I thought mine were but you really have me beat. And I don't remember ever seeing the Christmas quilt. It is gorgeous.

Helen in the UK said...

WOW - your OC colours are bright, bright, bright!! Can't wait to see the finished effect :)